Loose In The Air - The Double
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  • Summary: Steve Revitte produced the experimental Brooklyn four-piece's third album (and first for Matador).
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  1. If anything really differentiates Loose in the Air from its predecessor, it's that the more conventional recording process has the band sounding a little less leftfield. This isn't necessarily a drawback because any oddness excised from Loose in the Air is exchanged for a new sense of synergy.
  2. The Double combine unsettling electronic noise with simple, enjoyable vocal hooks to create a rickety, rattletrap pop collage that's too undeniably ear-catching to ignore.
  3. The Double is poised to overtake Yo La Tengo's avant-pop throne, but it's still early. [#11, p.114]
  4. The Double has a high ambition of making outré textures pop, but their obliqueness can walk a fine line between compelling and evasively wussy.
  5. These periodic lapses of over-constraint are especially disappointing given the group's obvious talent for making spontaneous mid-air adjustments to their sound; but there's enough evidence here to be optimistic that one day soon the group will gain the swagger necessary to more consistently abandon themselves to their wilder sonic impulses.
  6. Formulaic but thoroughly satisfying.
  7. If you're a fan of the British installment of the Nuggets collection, this album was made for you. [Oct 2005, p.166]

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  1. sumac
    Sep 30, 2005
    This is an awesome album. But it must be listened to several times to really appreciate the nuance, particularly the drums.
  2. andreww
    Nov 17, 2005
    this is a great record!