Los Angeles - Flying Lotus

Universal acclaim - based on 13 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 13
  2. Negative: 0 out of 13
  1. With its accomplished fusion of debris and warmth in a place somewhere between b-boy head-nod and laptopper experimentalism, Los Angeles is a big step forward for a still-young career, an album well worth revisiting years from now--preferably on vinyl, where the pops and clicks can only multiply.
  2. The record is almost as seamless as it is engaging, and it subtly commands your attention from start to finish.
  3. 80
    Los Angeles is a beautifully complex and widespread full-length from one of LA’s most creative and perceptive music producers.
  4. Loaded with 17 tracks, it's an entertaining and fitting addition to the Warp catalog that makes for some highly hypnotic video arcade/coffee parlor mood music.
  5. 80
    Flying Lotus' spaced-out visions are the album's trump card, a computerized mesh of hip-hop beats at dub-like tempos.
  6. It's an inventive reimagining of hip hop with huge basslines underpinning the otherwise cinematic atmosphere.
  7. Flying Lotus has once again proved that he is an artist that can consistently reinvent himself and make his new sound just as effective as it was before
  8. There is a coherent sound throughout the album––psychedelic electro-hop perhaps––while each song develops fruitfully without ever being dragged out.
  9. He's come up with a debut album that combines vaulting ambition, real musicality and a deceptive deftness of touch. [Jun 2008, p.47]
  10. It’s a gritty, spacey, and ultimately beautiful record that is sure to give Flying Lotus some much-deserved attention.
  11. Assured in its fastidiousness, with enough schizophrenia to make whiplash a factor, Los Angeles cements Flying Lotus’s status as the best producer in a burgeoning scene bursting with talent, categorization eluding whatever scene that may be, whatever it means to be a producer.
  12. It does manage a nice arc in terms of overall pacing, with some interesting though not entirely successful vocal works at the end (“Testament” and “Infinitum”). Yet the album feels a bit too similar for how crowded it is.
  13. 60
    It is, like LA itself, heavy on style. [Sep 2008, p.88]

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