Lost Channels - Great Lake Swimmers
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  • Summary: The fourth album for the Tony Dekker-led group.
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  1. Lost Channels is still comforting, except now instead of misery finding company, Great Lake Swimmers have made an album that reaches down, and pulls you out of the darkness and into the light that was always there.
  2. While it might be criticised for not having some of the mystery characterising previous albums, Lost Channels is a blissful yet haunting record.
  3. On their fourth album, Tony Dekker and his revolving cast of co-conspirators walk a little taller than on previous releases, employing a larger, more band-oriented sound that lovingly elevates (and amplifies) Dekker's simple, refined melodies into something both peaceful and majestic.
  4. Dekker has always seemed to me more metaphysical than mystical, but on this outing some of the lyrics are starting to edge closer to the easy contentedness of finding salvation through natural beauty instead of finding existential insignificance in the similarities of all matter. That said, there’s a good mix of elements here, and the increased focus on the diversity of the musical side of things takes the spotlight off the lyrics to a certain extent.
  5. Lost Channels at times taps the hushed intensity of Low's hymnals, but the tracks like 'She Comes To Me In dreams' ring happily with the implied twang of R.E.M.'s early albums. [Spring 2009, p.76]
  6. Though some tracks lull more than thrill, that seems to be the goal. [May 2009, p.114]
  7. Great Lake Swimmers’ pleasures are deceptively simple, but one can’t help but get held up by the tactile surfaces of their elaborate simulacrum of shamanistic folk.

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