Love Is Not Pop - El Perro del Mar

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  1. At heart, the Sea Dog remains a sad-eyed lady of the lowlands.
  2. When these songs sound like El Perro del Mar fronting the saddest, slowest disco band in the world, they work out best, but too much of this “mini-album” doesn’t quite get there.
  3. El Perro's brand of pop is certainly easy to love, and a cozy sort of organic warmth--characterized by thick, resonant drums and keys, and treated guitars that seem to lurch and lumber with the slightly irregular rhythms of real life--pervades the new record.
  4. 80
    Love Is Not Pop is many things; a comeback of sorts, a refreshing hybrid of exquisite production and emotional intimacy--but most immediately, it stands as an essential mood piece for these crisp air days, light fading early into dark.
  5. The sonic touches Hagg adds to her songs only makes them better. The combination of their gifts has resulted in something pretty special, possibly the best work either of them has done to date, and hopefully something that will continue.
  6. This is pop with a light touch and a tremendously heavy heart; it only qualifies as easy listening if you can distance yourself from Assbring's expressive singing.
  7. Despite its fragility, there's a sense of uncompromising humanity at work here-- worthy of repeat listens. [Fall 2009, p.58]
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  1. JorgeB.
    Dec 4, 2009
    El Perro del Mar is aging very well, and her music sounds more fresh. I think we can still waiting awesome things from this girl. "A Better Love" is one of the best songs of 2009. Full Review »
  2. Yannis
    Dec 2, 2009
    Beautiful and melancholic.