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  • Summary: The duo of D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey release their debut album on Pharrell Williams' label after a bidding war by Kanye West's and Jermaine Dupri's own labels.
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  1. But given the infectiously goofy tunes on Love the Future--the Beastie Boys covering the Beach Boys?--it might not be long till Wallach's girl trouble is real.
  2. 80
    Chester French have deftly balanced the thrills of newness with the reliability of the old--not bad a for a couple of graduates.
  3. Could this really be Chester French's first album? Love the Future sounds too wise--and too catchy--to possibly be the debut from recent Harvard grads D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey
  4. Though a few of the songs on Love the Future fail to capture the spark of their early successes, overall it’s a fairly impressive introductory statement.
  5. The end result isn't quite as lovable as they'd like.
  6. The band's way with a catchy hook and a summery, laid back vibe may yet see them overtake Maroon 5, but that's where their lofty thoughts should settle for now.
  7. 20
    Their full-length debut--anchored by sunny ’60s-style pop festooned with strings and heavy-handed synths--also includes a Portugese track, a classical-music interlude and (enough already!) a tap-dance routine.

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