Lustre - Ed Harcourt
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  • Summary: Ryan Hadlock helped produce the fifth studio album for British singer-songwriter, Ed Harcourt. The UK edition includes a seven-track bonus disc.
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  1. Lustre takes on a kind of cinematic joy where Harcourt the long-suffering vampiric troubadour steps into the light and shines.
  2. 80
    Having branched out by working with everyone from Patti Smith to Mark Linkous, one of the UK's most gifted all-rounders returns rejuvenated with a fifth LP as positive and confident as 2006's "The Beautiful Lie" was moodily introspective. [Jul 2010, p.108]
  3. Lustre is ultimately an album that greets life's up and downs, victories and defeats, calms and frenzies, with enthusiasm. Put another way: Ed Harcourt will light up your life.
  4. For those who have heretofore found Harcourt to be a little too melodramatic, this is likely the album that will have them reconsider his work. We all need a little romance, and so much the better when it's delivered with a bit of knowing quirk.
  5. Despite its promising start, the album sags in the middle with Harcourt indulging, not for the first time, his love of Tom Waits.
  6. Harcourt is a singer of uncommon charm, and Lustre is a welcome reminder that when he's on top of his game--which he is for roughly half the record--you'll want for little else.
  7. Rather than take the leap of faith required to create art truly terrible or transcendent, Harcourt has aimed, and landed squarely in the middle of the road, where the world is busy passing him by. [Summer 2010, p.84]

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  1. matthewa
    Jun 18, 2010
    Another solid effort by Harcourt. The highs aren't quite as high as on his last effort, The Beautiful Lie, but overall, very solid throughout and a solid expansion of his sound while not really changing the elements that make his music so endearing. Expand