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  • Summary: The latest album for the rapper features such guests as Brandy, The Dream, R. Kelly, Pharrell, and Soulja Boy.
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  1. The album serves as a reminder of the flexibility and resilience that have allowed Snoop Dogg to remain an enduring figure in hip-hop.
  2. He’s stepped outside of his comfort zone of Long Beach City-inspired beats, and the result is his best offering in years.
  3. Snoop blends the old rap feel with the new style and adds some things to the mix along the way.
  4. The Doggfather part 10. Ho Hum. What else is on?
  5. 60
    There's nothing here to rival "Drop It Like It's Hot", much less "gin N Juice", but the results are mostly harmless, even if that was never quite the point. [Jan 2010, p. 126]
  6. The woozy G-funk of 2 Minute Warning and 1800's crunk rat-a-tat show his trademark drawl has lost none of its subtle menace, though too often it's left to guest cameos to supply the spark - rising R&B star Jazmine Sullivan brushing her host aside on soul-powered highlight Different Languages. [Jan 2010, p. 118]
  7. I’m increasingly unsure what its audience is looking for, but being that this album seems to rely so heavily on great hooks and attractive beats to sell Snoop’s tired, been-there-done-that raps, I can’t imagine this being a truly satisfying release for most listeners.

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  1. AjayS.
    Dec 11, 2009
    I got money, I love sex, I can kick your butt! The same old crap you heard countless times before. He never had anything relevant to say in his music career....which makes the overall music experience shallow! Some good tracks! Not as good as "The Blue Carpet Treatment". which aroused hope for his growth! pass! Expand
  2. Feb 13, 2012
    Y Is snoop still rapping he's so bad not lyrical anymore. he needs to get a ghost writer like dr dre has for the past 6 years. snoop please stop rapping Expand

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