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  1. This first official release is a soul searcher and may require more patience than your everyday debut. Still, the chilly, complicated Man on the Moon perfects the futuristic bleak-beat hip-hop Kanye purposed a year earlier, and rewards the listener with every tripped-out return.
  2. The rapper's delivery is confident in a poetic and artful way, channeled through a theatrical set of songs.
  3. It’s spacey, adventurous, and ridiculously intriguing if only because it’s so different.
  4. There's a good, possibly even a great, album in here somewhere, but Kid Cudi doesn't get very close to finding it.
  5. Cudi turns out to be that rarest of rap phenomena: a hyped upstart who really does represent a promising new phase in the genre's evolution.
  6. 80
    What's so impressive about Man on the Moon, however, is that it's a complete vision, designed to be listened to as a whole. [Dec 2009, p. 92]
  7. Cudi deserves credit for such an audacious high-concept debut. It falls a bit flat, but at least it falls forward.
  8. Cudi too often assumes some sort of higher ground even though his self-pity is flaunted no differently than any other tacky rapper accessory.
  9. Kid Cudi’s take on hip-hop hedonism has as its purpose the escape from one’s own fears and neuroses. He escapes the creatures that haunt him at night by turning himself into a larger-than-life entity: the man on the stage, the man on the moon.
  10. A refreshing listen. [Dec 2009, p.120]
  11. If you want to know further why this album is a classic you'll have to check it out yourself, but know for a fact it's well worth your fifteen dollars.
  12. The music is engrossing and Cudi's angst genuine, but his raps get pedestrian.
  13. From its bombastic title to Common's annoying narration, Man on the Moon vies for both a bigger pop platform and indie credibility.
  14. Despite the fat here, that thick layer of open, intense self-loathing is a clever way of unifying Man On The Moon as pure mood piece, a stream-of-consciousness pop voyage that’s more Phil Collins than rap.
  15. Man on the Moon, the debut album from this rapper-singer from Cleveland, is a colossal, and mystifying, missed opportunity, misguided if it is in fact guided at all.
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  1. AlexG.
    May 31, 2010
    This album is what hip hop should be about. He just talk about life and the struggles of it. More people should listen to this album. In my opinion it is one of the best hip hop albums of the decade. Hip Hop needs to veer away from gangster rap and there should be more rappers like Kid Cudi. Guys like Gucci Mane, Plies and Soulja Boy don't know how to rap or how to even write good lyrics. I could wrtie a better song. Full Review »
  2. Apr 28, 2013
    Probably the best debut album i have ever heard, Kid Cudi and his team (Emile, Pain Pat & Dot Da Genius) can't do no wrong. If you though Kid Cudi's was just an one-hit wonder because of Day N' Nite you were wrong, most the songs on this album are much better. Full Review »
  3. Feb 12, 2012
    Honestly, I don't really understand how people can even consider this album to be "mainstream music". How many of the songs from this album have you heard playing on the radio (with the exception of Day n Nite)? None, and it's not because they suck either. With that said, this is easily one of my favorite albums of all time and one of the most genuine lyrically. Cudi may not be for everybody, but this is a spectacular album. Full Review »