Marnie Stern - Marnie Stern

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  1. Happily, this third album contains some of her best songs yet.
  2. 90
    She's advanced from before and turned in a mirror translation of music from her personal life. The swagger comes in the form of knowing your strengths and for Stern, she's put all of them on display with Marnie Stern.
  3. Each of the the album's ten tracks is naked, open, and bleeding, yet rousing at the same time. The lyrics don't hide behind Stern's infectious, blast-and-burn 21st century rock; they are buoyed by them.
  4. It all adds up to Stern's most fully realised, most rounded album yet, and a huge step in her evolution as an artist.
  5. With this album, Marnie Stern has proved once again that there are several effective ways to emotionally recontextualize her craft. Or, to put it simply, she's managed to produce one of the most fun albums of the year.
  6. Soaring hooks wax and wane in an intentional emotional flow, and even at her most energetic, she remains poignant and personal. She still occasionally shows off, and there's plenty of epic bombast, but a cleaner production showcases the music's most interesting complexities without letting them get swallowed in the chaos.
  7. 82
    Precise dissonance has long been Stern's strong point, and when paired with a super-human stamina she careens through a 10-track album without any sense of relief until it's all over; every note is climatic, every vocal a yelp.
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  1. Jun 11, 2011
    Marnie Stern is amazing at everything she attempts. There can be none greater in this day and age. She receives a lot of criticism, which comes with the territory, but she can shred the guitar and sing like no one else I've heard in a long time. Full Review »