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  1. Med sud I eyrum ... is a beautiful collection that blows Sigur Rós beyond the place they come from, geographically and musically.
  2. It's a gorgeous descent for an inimitable group that knows better than most how to deliver its highs high and its lows low.
  3. The album is a classic from start to finish, and only adds to the already monumentally impressive discography the band has produced in the past decade.
  4. Overall though, this is another wondrous album from a band at the height of their considerable powers.
  5. Whether it is the new production, the new sounds, the new language or maybe just the unique cover, everything works for Sigur Rós; on Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust is something exceptional.
  6. 80
    There's still some beautifully glacial music....but now, occasionally, the Arctic exploration party becomes simply a party. [Aug 2008, p.103]
  7. On Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust you can really hear the human hearts behind the wall of sound, and while the emotional impact is on a smaller scale, somehow it is even more affecting.
  8. This, though, is accessible without compromise. [July 2008, p.106]
  9. The band achieves a new unity in variety here, winding from near-glam romp and fireside-folk warmth to slow-climb grandeur with an attention to the repeated payoff in a sturdy hook and hum-along chorus.
  10. An English-language debut, 'All Alright' proves as unintelligible as past forays into nonsensical Hopelandish, but 'Ara Batur,' featuring both the London Oratory Boys' Choir and the London Sinfonietta, is Sigur Rós' most satisfying epic yet--commercial, credible and glistening with glacial cool.
  11. Its expertise at majestic drone remains, but the group colors outside of well-established lines this time around, pounding on tribal drums during 'Gobbledigook,' smearing swaths of mellotron across 'Fljótavík' and 'Straumnes,' and pulling back on its patented reverb in favor of crisp, clean lines.
  12. While there are still plenty of swooshing sounds and heady instrumentation, it’s refreshing to see that Sigur Rós can do more than create aural landscapes.
  13. Icelandic eccentrics grasp for greatness.
  14. In this transformation, Sigur Rós have yet again set themselves apart from the rest of the music world, bridging genre gaps and inspiring many others to do the same.
  15. With Med sud, the band proves its indie-pop potential while remaining rooted in its unique brand of spaced-out alt-rock.
  16. Ultimately, there are too many wonderful moments here to deem it anything less than a beautiful record, but armchair producers might find themselves similarly wishing for less fat.
  17. Here, as on 2005’s "Takk," Sigur Ros have chosen to distill their rapture epics into shorter, more accessible bursts of swelling beauty. Yet this album still offers all the signature touchstones that make the band so deliciously unlike their post-rock contemporaries.
  18. Overall, it’s an improvement over the yawnfest of "Takk," but not nearly as consistent as one would like.
  19. Once, this band were making music to stare skywards to, to contemplate the vastness of the universe we’re such a tiny part of; now they’ve discovered a hidden reserve of human spirit, sucked it in and produced a record that will reconnect their wealth of talents to listeners fearing they’d forgotten how they’d ever reached such a lofty pedestal. It’s great to have them back.
  20. Med Sud is less polished than the band's previous outings; it's still lush and finely tuned, but creaky acoustic guitars lend tracks like "Góðan Daginn" and "Illgresi" an intimate quality previously unheard.
  21. So Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust is just another Sigur Ros album, but if I can be the first to say it, our "first vital band of the 21st century" is starting to feel old hat.
  22. From day one, Sigur Rós have demonstrated that affecting compositions are not the exclusive domain of the virtuoso, by layering simple melodies to create songs that are more moving than the sum of their parts. While that statement still rings true, on Med Sud í Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust the band finally sounds fully confident.
  23. For just over seven minutes, Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust may be the most wonderful, jubilant listen you’ve had yet this year, and, within those two songs, Sigur Rós’s fifth proper album plants the most exciting, empirical stipe of artistic direction the band has forged in over six years or so. The elation doesn’t last.
  24. I'll give them some credit for trying some new things, I only wish they would have taken things a step further.
  25. There’s no suppressing the fact that, ironically, in loosening up and stretching their wings they’ve become a little more earthbound. Where once they conjured up the sound of, um, glaciers drifting across the surface of the moon, occasionally here it lapses into the sound of a wheelie bin being dragged across HMV’s backyard.
  26. 60
    Sadly the album’s latter stages revert to type, as Jónsi Birgisson’s quavering choirboy falsetto illuminates glacially paced piano and strings. All achingly lovely in a Coldplay-meets-Clannad way, of course, but Sigur Ros play too safe when they clearly have much more to offer than misty-eyed Celtic abstraction.
  27. Things just go from mad galloping gobbledigook to spongy sentiment.
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  1. DayneB
    Oct 21, 2008
    Exceptional... where takk, hvarf/heim, () and agaetis had mostly one kind of emotion, this invokes them all; joy, sadness, love, triumph, beauty, reflection, solitude... Sigur Ros sound like they are finally having fun while doing what they do best. And the results speak for themselves. There are "4minute pop-songs" (those who find this as a negative need to get over yourselves), epic soundscapes (see festival and ara batur) and plenty of moments that reveal themselves as precious with each additional listen. This album sounds the most unique since Von, is both spontaneous and focused which has been missing in their oeuvre so far. Full Review »
  2. Vincent
    Jun 25, 2008
    This band never fails to surprise with the standard of music even if it does wander little from the band's delightful template. It truly is one of the very best bands of our times. If you can't see the beauty on offer here, then you may not actually be alive. Long live Jonsi and co. Beautiful! Full Review »
  3. Dec 16, 2012
    As DayneB already said it - the 5th studio album of the Icelandic band features every kind of emotion perfectly. Nearly every song on 'Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust' is loveable and I adore the feeling this album brings up in you. Jónsi's voice and the band's songwriting are chimerical and I absolutely love this release. Especially because you've got those two aspects back again that were mostly missing in their former work. 'Með Suð...' is pure awesomeness in one CD and you have to listen to it if you haven't yet! Full Review »