Merriweather Post Pavilion - Animal Collective
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  1. SF7
    Dec 23, 2010
    This is not an accessible album to anyone. The strange, off the wall interwoven melodies and harmonies that at first appear as a hodgepodge of color and sound, eventually unravel into a masterfully crafted work of art. AC's 2009 effort will be seen as a landmark in music, and will pave the way for more musicians (as it already has for Ariel Pink) in the avant-indie world. In this world, it is often hard for people to discern honest emotion from radio tailored singles. The most striking feature about this work is that it IS catchy, and it IS innovative. If you're not into exploring and accepting new genres of music, broadening your perspective on displays of genuine human intent, or flat out trying something different, then go ahead and stick to your conventional go-to nickelback **** Enjoy your aimless, tasteless sing-a-longs and don't write your opinion, because it does not matter. Expand
  2. Aug 12, 2010
    I had no idea who Animal Collective was before this CD and my expectations were blown. This is one of the most humbling and relatable albums I've ever heard; nearly every song touches on basic human emotions we experience throughout life. "My Girls" talks about supporting a family, "No More Runnin" deals with living without uncertainty, and "Summertime Clothes" goes into the simple pleasure of being beside a pretty girl. Each song is backed by a catchy beat, primarily singles like "My Girls" and "Brother Sport." Better yet, every track has a distinct sound, providing a ton of variety and playability. If you're a fan of alternative/electronic music, this album should be of interest. If the beats don't get you then maybe the lyrics will connect. As I said, I didn't know who the hell AC was before this record...but after many listens I think this is the best album of 2009. Expand
  3. May 25, 2011
    I have tried and tried again with this album and have come to the opinion that it just isn't very good. I bought this following the copious 10/10 or 5star reviews it received in the music press, but it's... dull. It only gets 4 because of the fantastic 'My Girls'. Download that track separately and save yourself the time I wasted.
  4. Jul 10, 2011
    An all-encompassing, perfectly layered, challenging and beautiful album.
  5. j30
    Sep 22, 2011
    One of the best records of 2009. Finally their sound comes together in this Brian Wilson inspired album.
  6. Sep 2, 2011
    This band can hit a groove and go off on an incredible tangent and bring it home BUT you have to weed through so many songs to find any coheasiveness and it can become mundane and distorted to listen to sectoraly
  7. Oct 8, 2013
    [4.9] Animal Collective may be agreeably unique and energetic but possibly the only thing that would give me a worse headache than listening to this album would be staring at the album artwork for an hour. This album is just repetitive noise, and that seems to be it. The vocals are extremely uneven, and I might not be able to identify a single instrument being used on this record. I have no problem with synthesizers, with computers, with keyboards, hell even with robots (Daft Punk of course), but at least make your electronic music with some melody. I can't identify a rhythm, a beat, or even words. Sure it's new, sure it hasn't been done before, but can something with such little structural significance be innovative? Expand
  8. Sep 19, 2013
    I love this album now. I don't know why I didn't love it when I first heard it in 2010, and when I started appreciating it last year. But I played it while sitting on the couch at home, and simply listened to the melodies. I mean really listened. These songs are not only lush and exciting, they're also straight up jaw-droppingly gorgeous and reach serious highs at the most perfect and unexpected times.

    If you feel the music is too meandering or out there for your taste, look up the lyrics. These guys are super relatable. Brother sport and Bluish in particular have some of my favorite lyrics of all time.
  9. Aug 14, 2010
    Let's do this.

    In The Flowers - 10

    My Girls - 10

    Also Frightened - 10

    Summertime Clothes - 10

    Daily Routine - 7

    Bluish - 9

    Guys Eyes - 9

    Taste - 10

    Lion in a Coma - 9

    No More Runnin - 8

    Brother Sport - 9

    Personally one of my favorite albums.
  10. Aug 18, 2010
    This album is bananas! I highly disagree with Pitchfork, this album deserves great recognition.
  11. Sep 11, 2010
    If you were to judge this album on first impression, then you'll need this. Unless you wanna miss out a loud, atmospheric-awesomeness experience. Animal Collective's most commercial and structured album.
  12. Nov 2, 2010
    A masterpiece, to me this might not be as good as Strawberry Jam but it is perfect in it's own unique way because every album this band makes is so different than the previous it's hard to compare. For what they did here, the focus they took it is perfect and has no real comparison.
  13. Mar 27, 2011
    Merriweather Post Pavilion is a wondrous album. The electronic ingenuity drives this album to major heights. The opener "In The Flowers" starts off with mysterious noises and Avey Tare's vocals come in slowly and hauntingly until a rush of electronic hooks start screaming and the drums go from two to eleven. It's without a doubt an amazing track to start an album with. The album just gets better. It gets more emotional and more beautiful as the album goes on. All In All, Animal Collective is a once in a generation band that really knows how to make music in the most weird, beautiful, and best ways. A Expand
  14. Mar 23, 2011
    these songs are just blanketed by repetitious sounds. each song blurring into the next. very annoying and unlistenable. (mind you i still enjoy their previous LP's :Sung Tongs and Feels). This is utter garbage. It sounds as if they mixed instruments into a blender, and this is what came out.
  15. Apr 12, 2011
    I have to be honest, for the first few listens, I could only sit through "My Girls." Eventually, I made it through "Bluish." Then I started liking "Summertime Clothes." I just couldn't wrap my head around why this music was considered "great" by one of my best friends. Was it because of the high review scores? No, he never cared about looking cool. My first breakthrough came months later, when I decided to try this album while it the gym. I was on an elliptical (I have bad knees, darnit!), "In the Flowers" came on, I closed my eyes, and I ran.

    This music is intense, personal, and extremely beautiful. From the first song to the last, AC shows incredible depth in their choices, both musically and lyrically. The lyrics are very adult in theme and execution. It's hard to hear them on bad speakers, but on great headphones, they come through crystal-clear.

    I could see how people don't enjoy the qualities of this music. You can't dance to this. You can't rock out to it. You can't sing along. You can barely even study to it. You have to live in it. You have to detach from everything else and let it surround you. You have to open up emotionally to it.

    If you can't do that, fine. It just isn't your thing. But this is music as art.
  16. May 17, 2011
    If Merriweather Post Pavilion is not a 5-Star album I don't know what is!
  17. Jul 6, 2012
    There's not much to say about this record. It's a masterpiece, beautifully made and to those who never listened to it, you're missing A LOT and I feel sorry for you.
  18. Jul 13, 2011
    After initially having dismissed the album I've now gotten my head wrapped around it. I finally understand the hype and the highly positive reviews it got back in 2009. It's weird and it thrives on being weird and somewhat incomprehensible! It is bursting with youthful energy and pulls the listener through a whole mess of neo-psychedelic noise and odd sounds, but with a careful and calculated structure that binds it all together. A perfect summer album in spite of being released in the dead of winter. Expand
  19. Mar 8, 2012
    Am I the only one who thinks their songs' melodies sound all same? Aside from the trying-really-hard diverse and supposedly creative production, I find their music incredibly boring.
  20. Aug 17, 2012
    This album contains some of Animal Collective's highest moments on certain songs, but the rest of the album comes off as significantly less entertaining filler. Overall still totally enjoyable.
  21. Apr 24, 2012
    Let me start off by saying that Rolling Stone magazine is the Fox News of music. That entire magazine needs to be burned to the ground for their blatant bias, and my lead argument for this would be their review of this album. 3 out of 5. Of course, without even having to look I know that probably every U2 or Bruce Springsteen record will get a flawless score, as they always do. Now that I got that off my chest... this is hands down one of the 10 best albums of the past decade. Animal Collective isn't for everyone, but there is no denying their vision and creativity. Their music sounds like something from the future, as if they're ahead of the curve by 5-10 years. Merriweather Post Pavilion is their best album in my opinion. That's a bold statement too considering the excellence of their past albums. MPP is an album's album. It should be played from front to back, but it doesn't have to be. Most of the tracks on here are amazing on their own, but taking in this album from beginning to end is an experience. The opening track "Into the Flowers" is excellent, and by the time it comes to a close you'll be hooked. It blends effortlessly into one of AC's best songs ever made in "My Girls". I can't fully express how great this song is to somebody who hasn't heard it. It's one of the more powerful, uplifting, and pleasing songs I've ever heard. The song builds perfectly, adding more layers as the song goes on. On first listen it's damn near overwhelming, but it's so damn catchy that you don't need to catch every sound or instrument at once. When the song finally reaches it's chorus is when the song becomes so memorable. The lyrics on the chorus are beautiful. "I don't need... seems like I care about material things/like a social status/I just want 4 walls and adobe slabs for my girls". It's infinitely more powerful in the context of the song, and it's impact cuts deep. Personally, this song struck me because that's EXACTLY the way I feel. The 1-2 punch of "Into the Flowers" and "My Girls" is perfect. Amazingly the rest of the album lives up to it. "Summertime Clothes" is another loud, pulsating song that AC does so well. You can almost feel the steam coming off this song, like heat off the pavement. "Bluish" is flat out hypnotic. I'm not lying when I say I felt the hair raise on my neck the first time I heard it. Despite their songs being so obscure at times, there are certainly melodies buried underneath that are catchy enough that you'll feel like you've heard the song before. "Bluish" is one of those songs. 3 of the final 4 tracks are all excellent as well. "Taste" sounds like nothing on the rest of the album. "Lion in a Coma" is a fast paced ride that features very obsucre singing and lyrics that make the song all the more mesmerizing. The album closer "Brother Sport" is also another terrific track, and a great way to close off this album. It's almost obnoxiously loud for a 1-2 minute stretch early on thanks to the sound of a siren as part of the song. However, when the siren and other instruments stop the song becomes so aesthetically pleasing I can't really put it into words. There isn't one bad song on this album... period. Tracks like "Also Frightened" or "No More Runnin" aren't groundbreaking, but they're still very good songs. They just don't stand up to the top tier tracks on this album. MPP is STILL ahead of it's time more than 3 years after it's release, and just goes to show why AC is arguably the most exciting band/group on the planet. Expand
  22. Apr 11, 2013
    Cant believe the morons who think it is too much to take in I was listening to this album when I was 13 its not hard. I still absolutely love the album one of the best of this century If you think this is difficult have a listen to aphex twin you morons.
  23. Mar 23, 2012
    One of the greatest albums of the 2000s. Great songs about simple living, love, and a dissection of cool. Some of the best songs I've ever heard. Highlights include In the Flowers, Taste, Bluish.
  24. Jun 8, 2012
    I have to say that this album continues to amaze me with the ability to be so close to being a Poppy album and yet be so far from being a pop album. I don't know if that makes sense, but I know that this album will blow your mind the more you listen to it.
  25. Mar 20, 2013
    Animal Collective...a bunch of animals...playing good music. I'd say, this would be one of the best records of Neo-Psychedelia music. Yes, they did it. A big jump from Strawberry Jam. I love 'My Girls', so hip...Now get the out of here and buy this album if you haven't...NOW!
  26. Dec 11, 2012
    Best album Animal Collective has ever made! 'My Girls' is amazing! The song starts out slow but builds up to an amazing song! I will say this music isn't for everybody but if you like this kind of music, it is the best!
  27. Dec 1, 2013
    MPP is not a perfect album, some of the tracks on here simply just don't compare to the ultra-highs of songs like Summertime Clothes and In the Flowers. Regardless, this album will be remembered for decades to come whether we like it or not.
  28. Sep 6, 2013
    Every instrument and sound are right where they're supposed to be, nothing is out of place, and there's an extreme attention to detail. The bass-heavy pop sound is certainly unexpected, since their earlier work was looser, far more experimental, and not at all electronic, so it may not appeal to older Animal Collective fans, but that doesn't mean it's not good. If you're a true fan, you will truly enjoy this record, even if it's not your favorite. It's a masterful and refreshing album that shows what musical artists are capable of; and if you think otherwise, you shouldn't be listening to music. Expand
  29. Apr 16, 2014
    Animal Collective faz de Merriweather Post Pavilion um disco completamente diferente de tudo. A banda traz uma sensação diferente a cada musica, com toques de psicodelismo em várias das tracks do disco. MPP inova ao mostrar uma banda onde é quase impossivel dizer qual é seu genero de verdade, pois Animal Collective não tem como explicar, o jeito é apenas ouvir o que eles tem a oferecer e pode ter certeza que vai valer a pena. Expand
  30. Jul 25, 2014
    (9.8) I feel that this album is a feeling; It's the feeling you get at the end of a hot summer's day when you don't have a care in the world and you allow yourself to 'float off' into a blissful headspace. The production on this album is much less abrasive than their previous work yet still as forward thinking, diverse and experimental. It took me a few listens to really 'get' this album but when I finally did I was rewarded in abundance. Listening to Merriweather Post Pavillion is just a completely joyous experience that I would recommend to nearly anyone. I would also recommend the follow up EP, Fall Be Kind, which keeps the same themes as merriweather. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 36
  2. Negative: 0 out of 36
  1. 80
    By far the most streamlined and purposeful Animal Collective record. [Jan 2008, p.98]
  2. 80
    In years past, Animal Collective have been cast as perpetual Peter Pans, forever stuck in childhood fantasias. But beneath the body-moving throbs and coruscating noises of Merriweather Post Pavilion, themes of domestic duty and devotion abound.
  3. 100
    It feels like one of the landmark American albums of the century so far. [Jan 2008, p.86]