Midnight Soul Serenade

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  • Summary: The third full length album for the rock band includes guest artists such as Sam Baker, Simon Chardiet, Daniel Collas, Mickey Finn, PowerSolo, and Those Darlins.
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  1. While Midnight Soul Serenade may not be the best Heavy Trash album (their debut takes that honor), it's still some of the best rock & roll around. Anywhere, anytime.
  2. 80
    There's barely a duff track here, from the talking gothic blues of "The Pill" and the slinky Monks-esque strut of "Isolation". Top marks, though, go the pulpit croon of "(Sometimes You Got To Be) Gentle". [Dec 2009, p. 97]
  3. The duo does tweak their established formula, here and there, with varying results.
  4. Heavy Trash never get too heavy on Midnight Soul Serenade. It might be Spencer's lightest and breeziest album to date, a testimony to his stick-to-it-iveness despite the advancing years and changing trends.
  5. The music is vastly entertaining, devilish, solder trickles of white-hot intensity running through cracks in its nailed-down facade.
  6. Heavy Trash deftly restores and reinvigorates the primitive era of rock and blues on its third LP, offering tinny, gritty and gnarled throwback production that pays tribute to the golden days of greasers.
  7. 60
    The album is loaded with plenty of sonic winks and nods for record collector types. [Nov 2009, p.94]
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