Miss E... So Addictive


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  1. Now if only the duo could deliver an LP that's consistently rather than merely frequently brilliant, we could stop fast-forwarding through the second-string tracks and soggy ballads that clutter up side B.
  2. Blender
    "Get Ur Freak On," the frenetic lead single, relies on boilerplate hip-hop braggadocio, but the beats are something else: head-snapping electro-funk spiced with tablas that herald Missy and [Timbaland's] return as the rulers of the hip-hop avant-garde. [Jun/Jul 2001, p.106]
  3. It's hard to believe a better advertisement for music's capacity to be simultaneously adventurous and entertaining, funny and moving, leftfield and mainstream will be released all year.
  4. Elliott keeps her sharp raps relatively slow-moving over the space-age production and allows room for the long list of guests like Ludacris, Busta Rhymes and Da Brat to shine.
  5. Entertainment Weekly
    Elliott spends too much time dissing detractors, but the hooks come as fast as the reefer references, and for the first time since her debut, she sounds as if she's having a blast... [25 May 2001, p. 80]
  6. She has conjured the dirty rawness of funk and the smooth, hyper-articulation and commanding, ass-shakin' beats of hip hop and coated them with her own strange, space-age gloss. It is brilliant.
  7. It's a blessing that the surrogate mum to the hip-hop youth of America is out there pushing for sounds as deranged, commercial, newly kinetic, and socially risque as those licking your ears in 'X-tasy' and 'Slap! Slap! Slap!'.
  8. What's most exciting about Miss E is its sense of playfulness: It's the rare hip-hop album in which unabashed joy -- rather than acquisitiveness or grimacing gangsterism -- is the main ingredient.
  9. Opens with a six-track attack that's rare for any genre, especially contemporary R&B.
  10. It's not so much her actual rapping skills but her keen ear for a devastatingly simple track structure that makes her stuff so satisfying.
  11. Miss E is a mess, of course, and not all the experiments work as brilliantly as the single. But if you prefer risky messes to tidy formula, tracks like "Scream a.k.a. Itchin' " and "Step Off" will freak you up something fierce.
  12. Miss E... So Addictive shows another side of Missy Elliott, yet unlike the calculations of other artists who morph themselves mainly as a marketing scheme, her dancing-sex-queen moves come through more like revelation than reinvention.
  13. Spin
    A kind, weird club crunker, Ecstasy references included. [Jul 2001, p.128]
  14. Like its predecessors, the disc drags in spots but generally delivers, proving that emotionally and artistically, contentment suits Elliott just fine.
  15. The Wire
    A thousand times more exciting in every way than most everything in the air at the moment.... Timbaland's production is frontier staking stuff... [#208, p.58]
  16. Miss E is a Top 40 radio breakthrough waiting to happen, while staying solid and true to its hip-hop roots.
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  1. Mar 1, 2016
    Missy Elliot has an ear for production and knows how to make music you can boogie to. this here is another fine piece of work by an awesomeMissy Elliot has an ear for production and knows how to make music you can boogie to. this here is another fine piece of work by an awesome artist that knows how to get down. fine production work by Timbaland. Full Review »
  2. nebb
    May 15, 2007
    Just bad, and not because it's rap. Please stop spamming with "rock n roll 4 life!!!11"
  3. AnnaR
    Sep 16, 2006
    This is an amazingly packed CD. Brilliant. Well Done, Missy! Hats down.