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  • Summary: The band's sophomore disc includes guest appearances by Wilco and Scott McCaughey (Minus 5).
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 21
  2. Negative: 1 out of 21
  1. A batch of lazy mid-afternoon pop songs that only sound better when his friends from Wilco show up to sing along. [Apr 2004, p.86]
  2. The album heats up nicely, with songs like Line It Up far easier to warm to than former Pavement buddy Steven Malkmus' solo work. [Feb 2004, p.105]
  3. It's a pleasant listen, with twice the beauty of its predecessor 'All This Sounds Gas', but while the songs are easy to appreciate, they are difficult to love.
  4. There's far too much nondescript strumming and far too few meaningful hooks.
  5. This album sounds like it was recorded and released as a favor from someone at the label. Truth is, the lighter that ignited All This Sounds Gas is long out of butane.
  6. There are half-considered melodies, vague nods to alt-country and a general cheerlessness that often makes listening a chore.

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  1. BrianJ
    Mar 17, 2004
    Monsoon is a rehash of their first album, All This Sounds Gas and that's not a bad thing either. Half the songs on here are good and the other half are just ok. The first four songs are great. Spiral has improved as a songwriter, but the weak songs drag out this album. Overall, you know that he can do better. Expand