Mothertongue - Nico Muhly

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  1. An exciting release that deepens with further listens, Mothertongue is a great step forward from Muhly.
  2. It's a gorgeous performance that anchors Mothertongue with its strength and solemnity.
  3. It's searching, quizzical, and filled with alternately fleeting and sustained passages of astonishing beauty.
  4. Mothertongue oscillates between the comfort/terror of singularities and excitement/terror of potentialities, but the possibilities this duality affords for Muhly’s future work are frankly exhilarating.
  5. These three suites get under your skin in a good way, none more so than the final track, a haunting gothic tale of sororicide sung by fellow Vermonter Sam Amidon.
  6. What makes Muhly’s work particularly interesting then is not only his use of this style--comprehending the four movements of the title track is particularly vexing as bits of voices mingle and move at different velocities--but the use of the style in a dynamic way itself, reminiscent of Nyman’s compositions.
  7. This is decidedly Muhly's vision, and though he plays only keyboards and a few other instruments here, he composed the entire album, which will go down in history as a cult classic for especially adventurous listeners.
  8. Muhly makes more pastiche-y compositions, whose power comes from the incongruity of the comparators.
  9. 60
    Connecting blue-haired symphony subscribers to indie-rock bedheads, the twentysomething New York composer is all over the place with his second disc. [Aug 2008, p.106]
  10. Muhly has talent and an eager curiosity; the problem is, this inquisitive intelligence often finds more meaningful expression in his interviews (or on his gabby, regularly updated blog) than in his music.
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  1. JohnS
    Sep 15, 2008
    This album is wonderful. Each section carries it's own emotion. I can not recommend this highly enough.