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  • Summary: After releasing Planet Earth for free in the United Kingdom, the singer-songwriter's three albums (one by new artist Bria Valente) are packaged together as a Target store exclusive in the United States. As the title implies, it contains some of the funk rock sounds he created.
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  1. Mplsound is sometimes stronger still [than "Lotusflow3r"], with the party whoop of '(There'll Never B) Another Like Me,' the delicious dirty mind of 'Chocolate Box' and 'Ol' Skool Company,' which will have you partying like its 1985.
  2. 80
    If after swallowing that Elixer, you still have the stamina for more, you will be amply rewarded by Minneapolis Sound, or as Prince spells it, MPLSoUND.
  3. MPLSound appeals to nostalgia both implicitly (a reminder of the reasons for our adoration) and explicitly (the album sounds good because it sounds like Sign O’ The Times).
  4. The drum machine hallmark of his 1980s heyday is a staple of MPLSound, a disc that hauls that sound into the present with mixed results.
  5. MPLSound could be a thank-you note to those Parade-era purists patient enough to have stuck around.
  6. The beats do the heavy lifting, often making the album sound like a throwback to the ’80s funk he helped define.
  7. 'Dance 4 Me' cribs the throwback electro beat of 'Erotic City,' while 'Here' should be served with a tall glass of wine to wash down all the cheese. 'Valentina,' the album's most unintentionally hilarious song, is a musical valentine to actress Salma Hayek.

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  1. MarkL
    Mar 31, 2009
    Best thing he's done in years. Leave it to Prince to promote the wrong disc as the main album of the three included. Lotusflower isn't bad, but MPLSound has got some real gems on it and is the real winner here. Expand