Mr. Beast - Mogwai
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  • Summary: The fifth studio album for the Scottish five-piece was produced, like its predecessor, by Tony Doogan.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 36
  2. Negative: 1 out of 36
  1. While Mogwai once seemed too ambitious for their own good, Mr. Beast perfectly distills the essence of the band's raison d'etre. [Apr 2006, p.214]
  2. Ten years after they first assaulted us, Mogwai remain as vital as ever.
  3. The revelation of Mr. Beast is that it's the closest Mogwai have come to capturing the raw intensity of their live power. [#13, p.93]
  4. The result is that we have a transitory album, but also a typically beautiful and subtle one.
  5. A solid – albeit unadventurous - long-player, which refines instead of redefines and consolidates more than it innovates.
  6. 60
    Mr Beast, by Mogwai's normally formidable standards, underwhelms. [Apr 2006, p.96]
  7. Their efforts at stretching boundaries falter because they have inscribed themselves within such narrow aesthetic parameters, hitting a fourth chord feels like a massive achievement.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 23
  2. Negative: 1 out of 23
  1. CarlS
    Mar 30, 2007
    all you folks who are disappointed in this album and don't think it lives up to their other stuff are wrong, completely and utterly wrong. This album is damn near perfect, and contains some of Mogwai's finest work. I mean how the hell can you not get amped up by Glasgow Mega-Snake? and how can Friend of the Night not give you shivers during the piano parts? Travel is Dangerous? Folk Death 95? both awesome tracks. Those of you who didn't like this album are seriously missing out. Expand
  2. PhilBeast
    Mar 16, 2006
    C'mon what else is out there that is a patch on this. Maybe not a masterpiece, but you've got to compare with the competition....
  3. yapyap
    Mar 7, 2006
    Very well done.
  4. rpmacpherson
    Mar 8, 2006
    the critiques of this album take two forms: either it's too unlike the bombastic, longwinded early albums or too similar to their prettier albeit tamer later work. i happen to think it mixes and refines the best of both eras all the while offering a few big surprises (tracks 2-4). if any band other than mogwai made this album, these nostalgic critics would absolutely be fawning over it. fans of their entire catalog will likely be pleased, and i think some new ones will be won over. BTW, i saw them live last week and they rocked my skin off. Expand
  5. May 13, 2011
    Very consistent and fun album. They're really showing off their strengths as a band going into different styles of music.This is essentially them making a fluid pop album. There is a weak link or two in the 2nd half of the record but overall an above average release. Expand
  6. Anandgyan
    Mar 27, 2006
    So I got my punched-out plat de resistance and just enough melodious hors-d'oeuvre to enjoy the deepening, if not the spreading texture, of their own sound. Stagnant they are not though you shall recognize the intellectual post-rock focused on the visceral. Phlegmatic punk perhaps? Nah It's more Mogwai. Collapse
  7. madsl
    Mar 28, 2006
    Young Team and Rock action are fairly ok, if rather mediocre, records. This one is just crap all the way! Once Mogwai wore t-shirts saying "Blur:are shite", which is funny cos I'm wearing one now saying "Mogwai: are shite". Compared to this horrible album even the much-dreaded "country house" is a timeless pop masterpiece.. Expand

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