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  • Summary: The Amsterdam duo follow their eclectic 1999 debut 'All-In' with the equally eclectic 'Music For Imaginary Films,' which is just that: tracks composed for a variety of movies which don't actually exist.
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  1. The overall tone remains knowing and playful.
  2. A&C really cook, no matter how low-key or deliberately trivial they're sounding, and this is one way that they (usually, not always) avoid being camp or kitsch or cute.
  3. Through a combination of Arling and Cameron's sharp studio skills, their sure feel for genre, and most importantly, an unfailing sense of humor, these two manage, somehow, to make the zillionth such retro LP sound fun and cool.
  4. It's almost as if they've been raised on a steady diet of "Laugh-In" reruns, sugary disco beats, James Bond films, and the Ray Conniff Singers.
  5. It comes off a little too sweet, much like running through an ice cream shop and sampling all the flavors rather than eating a proper dinner.
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