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Mixed or average reviews- based on 32 Ratings

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  1. Dec 15, 2012
    I must say that I'm disappointed with Aerosmith. They were my favourite band of all times, I was a lover of the incredible Steven's voice and the great Perry's guitar skills. They still being my favourite band because they have some of the best rock songs ever in history, however this latest album is kind of band. The only two songs that I really like are What Could Have Been Love and Legendary Child. I still don't understand how a band like them is able to create such a terrible song that is Lover A Lot. This album is the worst Aerosmith album till date, but I can't forget the bunch of amazing songs that they made in the past so, I still saying that Aerosmith is a great and stunning band. Full Review »
  2. Nov 6, 2012
    If according to the critics liking this album is wrong, than oh boy do I not want to be to right. With a new delicious dose of spectacular Aerosmith jams, this should hold us over until some sort of musical deities swoop us away, and take us to a contemporary land where music reins supreme and no one thinks Nicki Minaj is a good singer anymore. Aerosmith's well preserved sound serves to be a fresh injection of genres we almost forgot exists. Now we aren't gasping for breath with too many dance tunes, with the current toppers being as far from the common fare as possible by our slanted views, it certainly is a much appreciated breath. This album isn't perfect, and that's for damn sure. At times I feel Steven tries a bit too hard to appeal to what the common day folk consider to be the listen worthy, but he defiantly doesn't conform. And truely, you can't complain about it being cheesy, because what else could we expect? Steven Tyler: Touch my Body and Pound the Lazy Song Style? He is his own thing, and rather you like his flare or not, he's going to pertrude it other your way, like a grizzled **** So, rather you're a long time fan who heralds his return, or a new age song snob snapping your fingers to another tune, I find it to be a very acceptable set of tunes. Just listen at your own discretion. Seriously, if you normally don't like this sort of thing, you're screwed. Full Review »
  3. Jan 13, 2013
    Nothing is special about this album, it CANNOT be compared to Toys in The Attic or Rocks for sure. It's not classic aerosmith IMO at all. It sounds like the 90s bubblegum pop aerosmith on the majority of the album with some folk and bluesy songs thrown in, with maybe ONE song that i can see them calling "old school" but it's nothing special at that even.
    The guitar work was just "okay" , drums were the highlight for me on a lot of the tracks. I recommend sticking with the older material if your new to Aerosmith (Which i doubt 98% of America isn't)
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