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  • Summary: The solo debut from Rush bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee.
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  1. Since Headache doesn't go for any of Rush's extended instrumental outings or skewed dynamics, the onus is on Lee and Mink's melodies, which are generally strong and taut, building on familiar elements but adding a bit more sheen and smoothly executed changes to the mix.
  2. Resembles what a new Rush album would've sounded like.
  3. Lee has produced a competent, contemplative record that should tide fans over until the power trio's long-awaited return to local arenas.
  4. On this excursion into the noodle-prone mind of Mr. Lee. True, all the lyrics are his and his alone, but after all this time, plenty of Peart has rubbed off on him, resulting in much impenetrable mumbo jumbo about the universe and its "secrets" ("The Angels Share") and the workings of the mind...
  5. Is it any surprise that the first solo album from Rush bassist-vocalist Lee contains all the elements that make his band the most annoying power trio in rock? [11/17/2000, p.127]
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