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  • Summary: Twenty-five years after its original release, this groundbreaking, sample-driven collaboration between Byrne and Eno has been remastered and enlarged with seven bonus tracks.
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  1. 100
    [It] was mind-bending in its day and remains so now. [May 2006, p.122]
  2. The songs sound as modern and fresh as if they were recorded last year.
  3. 90
    It's a pity that the immaculate construction that is Ghosts now has an extension tacked on to it. [Apr 2006, p.119]
  4. Nearly a quarter of a century after its initial release, My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts remains a beautifully finished work, despite its complexity: every line and fragment in place, every surface and effect neatly separated out. [#266, p.56]
  5. As an experimental project, it's clever and varied, and a vital chapter in the history of electronic music and sampling. As a pop record, it's tantalising, sensitive and essential; if you don't already own My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts, the reissue's extra tracks make now as good a time as any.
  6. Its wilful lack of song structure may make for a think-piece album rather than a jukebox favourite, but it's hard to deny its still-powerful magic. [May 2006, p.137]
  7. Bush of Ghosts seems half-baked, putatively cerebral yet underthought, interesting only because somebody famous did it.

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