My Name Is Buddy - Ry Cooder
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  • Summary: Van Dyke Parks and Pete Seeger are among the guests on the guitarist's rustic 17-song effort, which is told from the perspective of a cat, a mouse, and a toad(!).
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  1. It adds up to a light-hearted, sometimes poignant elegy for the American working man and his music.
  2. Although serious themes are threaded throughout, it's light compared with Cooder's last work, the "Chavez Ravine" account of cultural displacement, politics and baseball. Maybe for that very reason, this is a better listen.
  3. 80
    It's frequently wistful, sad and nostalgic. Yet Cooder's eccentric storytelling style and his prankish, Sufjan Stevens-ish take on Americana also sounds oddly contemporary. [Apr 2007, p.99]
  4. It’s a little long at 17 tracks, and hard to take in one sitting, but these songs present Americana in such an oddly compelling way that it’s almost impossible to ignore.
  5. This is not a record meant for parsing, though there are certainly some standout tracks... Instead it's meant to be consumed like you would a favorite book. [May 2007, p.64]
  6. Although the folk songs fit the theme of the album, they don't showcase Cooder's skills as a composer.
  7. Whether anyone outside of the NPR listening audience actually gives a shit about what clever socio-political points Cooder is trying to make metaphorically is difficult to say.

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