Necessary Evil - Deborah Harry
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  • Summary: The former Blondie lead singer releases her fifth solo album.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 15
  2. Negative: 3 out of 15
  1. Viscerally contemporary, Necessary Evil harnesses youthful exuberance from across the charts, and Harry and her team of producers and songwriting partners do radio-ready rock, pop, and soul-lite with à la mode savvy to spare.
  2. It boasts a definite spirit of adventure, with vocals that effortlessly tackle pop-rock, menacing funk and new-wave disco. But there are missteps, such as the torchy 'What Is Love.' [26 Oct 2007, p.67]
  3. It's not until the last few tracks that Harry finds her best collaborator--naturally, it's former Blondie bandmate and paramour Chris Stein.
  4. The pastiche of styles on Necessary Evil is quintessential Debbie Harry, but diamonds in the rough aside, it also makes for a wildly uneven, often jarring collection of songs.
  5. There are interesting moments here, but they're fleeting, crying out for a bit of the deliberate craft of Blondie's comeback albums, which may be predictable but at least they're focused, which makes for easier listening than this long 17-track slog of sound.
  6. 40
    The results are frequently souless and over-produced. [October 2007, p.93]
  7. Twenty seconds into Necessary Evil and I'm cringing, and it's only amplified by the fact that this very same voice once performed 'Heart of Glass' and 'Rapture.'

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 6
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 6
  3. Negative: 1 out of 6
  1. AnthonyD.
    Oct 13, 2007
    An amazing and challenging album. It takes risks and the listener is rewarded again and again!
  2. Kevin.
    Oct 13, 2007
    Love this Album, Deborah's Best Solo album to date!!!
  3. hp
    Oct 13, 2007
    "Necessary Evil '' best album Debbie does sinds "Plastic Letters"
  4. toddw.
    Oct 14, 2007
    there were only 2 songs that i couldve done without.i think this cd is very good.its alot stronger than the last 2 Blondie can be campy at times but i think thats part of the charm. Expand
  5. hristov.
    Oct 15, 2007
    good and updated production, perfect voice. if not her best solo, surly pretty close. grab it!
  6. ChristianB
    Oct 14, 2007
    All the evidence Deborah Harry ever needed to prove she wasn't Blondie. These songs might work with some of the band's cheeky recklessness behind them. As it stands, Harry's previous solo albums show she can do great work without them when she takes a less experimental tack. On Necessary Evil, it's painfully obvious Debbie is trying to be Blondie, without the rest of that powerhouse behind her to bring it to fruition. Bitterly disappointing from a usually inspiring performer. Expand