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  • Summary: U.N.K.L.E. is the pet project of Mo'Wax label head James Lavelle, whose successful 1998 album 'Psyence Fiction' included notable contributions from DJ Shadow, Thom Yorke and Badly Drawn Boy. Guests this time out include Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age), Robert "3D" del Naja (Massive Attack), Brian Eno, Ian Brown (Stone Roses), Mani (Stone Roses/Primal Scream) Joel Cadbury (South) and Jarvis Cocker (Pulp). Expand
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  1. Never, Never, Land exposes Lavelle and File as, surprisingly, excellent songwriters with an ear for a good chorus and a knack to fitting performers and material together.
  2. Never, Never, Land not only escapes the expectations and pitfalls that dogged Psyence Fiction, but succeeds on a new set of strengths.
  3. At 60 minutes plus, it’s too long, and neither Cocker and Eno’s ambient doodle nor 3D’s ‘Invasion’ work. But, nonetheless, ‘Never...’ is sleek, deep and full of ideas.
  4. 70
    Never, Never Land doesn't have a single track that comes close to Fiction's epochal "Lonely Soul" or the eerie "Rabbit In Your Headlights," but overall it works more as an album of equal bombast and grandeur. [#13, p.94]
  5. 60
    The pulse underscoring the album keeps it hopping when the songs meander. [Nov 2004, p.142]
  6. Far from being either vindicating or enthralling.
  7. Tends more toward the "dance" elements of IDM than the "intelligent," reducing UNKLE's trip-hop origins and innovative beats to overdrawn synth wank-fests.

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