New Wild Everywhere - Great Lake Swimmers

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  1. 90
    This album is too good to dally over, because it's so good, jaw droppingly good, not a false note in the bunch kind of good.... Record of the year stuff.
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  1. May 26, 2012
    Great Lake Swimmers is best known from a very subdued, almost lethargic compositions. Even the most famous song - "Rocky Spine," concludes with a note of melancholy itself. The bigger surprise is the latest album - "New Wild Everywhere" which, by both: the title track and songs such as "I Think That You Might Be Wrong" or "Changes With The Wind" shows the new positive - and much more melodic style of the band. The album is not lacking, of course of typical ballads - just mention "The Great Exhale" or "The Knife". Full Review »