Night Work - Scissor Sisters

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  1. Scissor Sisters are record fans from way back, so they structure nearly every element of Night Work to relive the heady days of AOR (aka album-oriented rock).
  2. Largely at a loss for genuine inspiration, Night Work mostly finds the Scissor Sisters resorting to familiar shtick, the result of which is a collection of songs that often feels as glib and shallow as their critics accuse them of being.
  3. Though it starts off with a set of songs that wouldn't sound out of place on the two previous albums, Night Work quickly slips into hyper-sexualized gay club mode and sticks with that vibe until the end.
  4. 60
    The listener who experiences this album as physically as it is delivered will be rewarded with calories burned, an endorphin rush to die for, and heavy sweating indeed. [Aug 2010, p.94]
  5. Shears is now too smart a lyricist to need this sort of cartoonish carry-on. And, bar a smattering of filler, the tunes are unstoppable. [Jul 2010, p.124]
  6. 80
    Returning to their electro roots might seem a surprising direction to take...but it works. [July 2010, p. 96]
  7. Every song sounds like some other band, from the Bee Gees disco of the title track to the Talking Heads-y paranoia of "Running Out." But that's no reason to hate on this good-natured party.
  8. Night Work makes no apologies; Stuart Price creates a sound that is fierce and muscular.
  9. Jake Shears and Ana Matronic trot out those Bee Gees harmonies again over Moroder-style synth runs and glam guitars, delivering a stirring anthem about how for some disaffected folks, nightclubbing time is business time.
  10. If Night Work set out to remind listeners what they loved about Scissor Sisters in the first place, it succeeds. If it had a couple more absolute killer songs then it would be an unqualified triumph but, as it stands, Night Work will do more than nicely.
  11. Night Work is a pastiche of Scissors Sisters' former glories that sees the band desperately sewing together the leftover scraps of their idols in a vain attempt to recapture the pertinence of their debut.
  12. 60
    Four years on, Night Work finds the band mimicking Eurodisco on the cheeky title track, the Cars on "Skin Tight," Kraftwerk on the stiff "Something Like This," and Animotion's "Obsession" on pulsing first single "Invisible Light," just a step behind the times.
  13. The album is a dizzying, infectious experience in which throbbing, Moroder-influenced beats never slacken and Shears rarely misses a chance to leer at that hunk across the dancefloor.
  14. New York's disco–?new wave party people are in freak mode on their third disc Night Work, dropping crass come-ons and slutty entendres like parade confetti (gay, straight, you name it).
  15. By matching their sound so adriotly to the content of their songs, Scissor Sisters makes Night Work an album of real structural sophistication.
  16. Night Work is a far livelier and more enjoyable record than Ta-Dah, which was a modest album with much to be modest about. But the nagging sense that Scissor Sisters aren't living up to the promise of their multifaceted, emotionally rich debut is slowly being replaced by the suspicion that they never will.
  17. 76
    No surprise here-it's a dance album filled to the brim with beats that could make even a corpse twitch.
  18. It's hard work keeping track of all the Scissor Sisters' references, but dancing to them certainly won't be.
  19. Night Work, the Sisters third studio album, is both their filthiest and most musically downbeat effort to date.
  20. The Scissor Sisters' third nightlife-themed album, Night Work, is a return to the glittery, flamboyant pop of the group's 2004 self-titled debut
  21. Despair is very much with us. It'll blow up before it recedes. And this music is intensely committed to escaping it.
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  1. AndyC
    Jul 1, 2010
    Pure perfection. This CD is the pop fix I have been anxiously awaiting for the past 10 years. Lady GaGa aside, the lack of good pop hooks in mainstream music is a crime. Night Work delivers the hooks in spades. With tempered beats, synth lines, and Shears' vocals, this album feels like a blend of Bee Gees, Human League, Pet Shop Boys, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, disco-glam, and a dash of rock opera. My only issue with Night Work, is that I cannot seem to stop listening to it. I guess I'm just a hopeless addict. Full Review »
  2. Apr 29, 2012
    Scissor Sisters have given us the album of their career, and quite possibly one of the best pop albums of the last decade.You want pop? You want rock? You want funk? You want dance? You want electronica? Well here it is. All on one disc. Stuart Price and the Scisstors have made a pop masterpiece. Full Review »
  3. May 25, 2011
    I don't usually like the scissor sisters and found their previous albums dire but after hearing 'any which way' I downloaded this and was not disappointed - it was amazing. So I checked out their previous albums and now I'm an avid fan. LOVE. Full Review »