No Better Than This - John Mellencamp
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  • Summary: T-Bone Burnett returned to produce the singer-songwriter's latest album which was recorded while Mellencamp was touring the Southern states.
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  1. Compelling and heartfelt, No Better Than This feels tantalizingly timeless.
  2. The direct, spare No Better Than This-Mellencamp even eschews stereo-has a timeless sound and songs that do right by their classic blues, rock, and country inspirations.
  3. It's about people, and Mellencamp continues to write and sing about them better and better with each passing year.
  4. [A] backstory is meaningless unless there are songs to back it up, and, like Mellencamp's other recent releases, Better more than walks the walk.
  5. Yet behind the period arrangements and the antique haze of the production, they're still Mellencamp songs. They can be wry and plainspoken, like the waltzing tall tale "Easter Eve," or earnest and overreaching, like the attempted workingman's parable "The West End."
  6. No Better Than This isn't a perfectly honed set. But Mellencamp has never sounded looser or easier on a record.
  7. 40
    The likes of "The West End" and "Thinking About You" are unobjectionable, but mostly have the effect of reminding that there are Steve Earle albums you could be playing. [Nov 2010, p.94]

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  1. Aug 26, 2010
    As good an album as Mellencamp has ever made, if not the best. Wonderful sound, wonderful songs. The record is indeed 'haunted' as T-Bone Burnett says in his liner notes, by the ghosts of so many, including the Sun musicians and Robert Johnson and others who recorded at the same historic locations this album was made at. But it is so much more - the album has manged to capture the past and present it so it is meaningful for today and probably the future too. A record for the ages. Expand
  2. Sep 18, 2010
    Its really cool and simple, which is a nice break these days. The only thing that loses points is that a lot of the songs have pretty much the same melody and so it gets tiring and repetitive after a while. But its really, smooth, raw, natural and good to the ears. Expand