Not Without A Fight - New Found Glory
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  • Summary: The debut album on the Epitaph label for the pop-punk band from Florida is also their first studio album in nearly three years.
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  1. With Blink-182/+44 bassist Mark Hoppus producing, Fight does pack a wallop, enveloping frontman Jordan Pundik's angsty relationship paeans on a dozen compact, dynamic and hooky tracks in a mere 35 minutes.
  2. Even these songs give way to the loud-guitar/crunching-rhythm style that drives the rest of Not Without A Fight, demonstrating that, softening middle years be damned, New Found Glory still hits hard enough to matter.
  3. Taken as a whole, Not Without a Fight is a pleasant listen, mature in its outlook, and happily adolescent in its vigor.
  4. New Found Glory's newfound maturity makes for a surprisingly palatable record that will soothe both lovelorn teenagers and their long-suffering parents alike. [Apr 2009, p.108]
  5. 50
    Not Without a Fight bobs and weaves between chugga-chugga riffs and poppy lead licks, with Jordan Pudnik's well-meaning whine bouncing off Chad Gilbert's more assertive (and appealing) bark.
  6. Not Without a Fight lacks the kind of hooks, fun riffs, and sing-along choruses that made the band famous and it also lacks the solid song writing that helped their last album not become a horrible failure.
  7. This sixth studio set is so generic that it doesn't just sound dated, it makes them sound old. [May 2009, p.91]

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