Nothing Gold Can Stay - The Duke & the King
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  • Summary: The debut album for Robert "Chicken" Burke and Simone Felice, who left The Felice Brothers last year.
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  1. The album is at its sweetest with love-laced tracks like 'Water Spider' and 'Summer Morning Rain,' but it truly shines when it tackles deeper issues.
  2. The singing may be subdued and the playing quiet, but everything here packs an emotional wallop.
  3. It takes on joy and loss with equal measure, and at its best--'Still Remember Love,' 'Lose Myself'--lands at the intersection of the two.
  4. 80
    Overall though--a quality 'One More American Song' shares with the whole collection--this is a song with an understated, but crucial, element of hope. [Aug 2009, p.100]
  5. This is hushed, deliberately paced acoustic music perfect for sitting around a fireplace pondering the coming thaw....As pretty as this stuff is, though, it can get a little snoozy.
  6. 60
    You might even give it a cuddle because it delivers the kind of ultra-friendly music that sits up and in a cutesy manner demands such attention. [Fall 2009, p.93]
  7. The songs themselves don’t hold up under casual inspection, let alone eager scrutiny.

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