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  1. The music is great, but it's through his lyrics that Beans really heads out into the stratosphere.
  2. Both totally entertaining and instantly accessible to both avant rap devotees and curious passers-by. [#246, p.66]
  3. It’ll take an adventurous set of ears and some headphones. Don’t worry, take a deep breath and relax. You see, Beans makes it easy for you by spitting with what is, perhaps, the most technically gifted flow in hip hop today.
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  1. TimP
    Apr 8, 2004
    A solid album from beans but on his own he seems to have lost something. I couldn't help feeling a little cheated that many tracks were not new and that the amount of remixes means we do not get to hear Beans spitting fresh lyrics. The question is does the great remix of mutescreamer save it? Most definitely and yours at a bargain price or via where you could choose which tracks you wanted! Full Review »