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  • Summary: The third album for the indie rock band was produced by Mike Mogis.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 18
  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
  1. Tilly And The Wall are excellent at writing instantly infectious pop songs ("Dust Me Off" may be their best yet), and they've finally corralled a full palate to go with it.
  2. Twee-sy tiger! Omaha act mix up their newest record with more attitude but still stay true to their original style.
  3. Clever, joyous and never patronising, O is a half hour bite of summer that’s perfect for fending off the darkening nights.
  4. The Tillys have managed to keep the tap alive by focusing on quality songwriting while at the same time preserving their youthful wonder and elegant sensibilities.
  5. In the end, it's not going to change the world, but it shows that the group is definitely expanding (in a good way) their sound from their early days.
  6. 60
    Their third LP reveal a sweary rock toughness that suits them (surprisingly) well. [Nov 2008, p.120]
  7. On the album’s strongest songs, the band displays a strong sense of self, infusing their previous sound with unexpected sonic twists and turns. On the weaker songs, however, they betray their core aesthetic, adopting attitudes and sounds that make them sound disingenuous at best and at worst, like self-conscious poseurs.

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Score distribution:
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