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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 20
  2. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. Of all the bands in the rock canon, Wire may be the best embodiment of the term “forward-thinking” that is so vogue nowadays, and Object 47 keeps with the mantra with stunning results.
  2. Wire is a great band who have often been daunting to approach, so the really dazzling thing about Object 47 is just how approachable and digestible it is.
  3. Object 47 does an excellent job of making a leap toward the avant-pop side of the pop/punk wire walked by…uh…Wire on "Chairs Missing" and "154."
  4. That misstep ['Patient Flees'] aside, no band mocks harder, and Object 47 is a smartly sardonic piece of work on par with Wire's late-'70s heyday.
  5. Deprived of Bruce Gilbert's guitar, these fractious lifers return to and improve on their dance-rock '80s.
  6. Object 47 highlights Wire's pop credentials, but the band hasn't lost its edge.
  7. Object 47 is at once warmly familiar as Wire yet not a "return" to any particular sonic period in the group's convoluted history.
  8. At 35 minutes long, Object 47 is the perfect length: short, to the point, and boasting some of Wire's most vital music.
  9. 80
    Scuffed-up and brainy, Object 47 finds Wire still beguiling after all these years.
  10. Pleasingly, this is the Wire's best new music since their glory days in the late '70s. [Aug 2008, p.145]
  11. Object 47 is proof that Wire’s edge remains as sharp as ever.
  12. The serrated serenades of Object 47 offer all the compact joys of past Wire classics like "154" and "Chairs Missing," but amplified and digitalized for the internet age. [Sep 2008, p.149]
  13. 80
    Their first album without guitarist Bruce Gilbert draws on their strength as writers of nuanced pop, producing, in the mellow rumble of 'One Of Us,' 'Mekon Headman' and Perspex Icon,' a few more for the next Best Of.
  14. 80
    Even when the Wire slow way down, their densely layered riffs reward wall-shaking volumes. [Oct 2008, p.83]
  15. Even when the vocals are being run through processors and the guitars are distorted, it still feels managed, and a lack of high-range makes it inviting and easy to listen to even at its noisiest.
  16. Various people have tried to explain to me why I find Object 47 so frustrating.... My inclination is to forget all that and just play the last four tracks over and over.
  17. Object 47 is not a horrible record; it just isn’t all that good. It has none of the flare found on the band’s trilogy of classics and is never quite able to free itself from not-so-desirable labels like bland and unchallenging.
  18. The album has a very sterile feel to it, almost as if the members all recorded seperately and then mailed their contributions in to be mixed together. [Fall 2008, p.85]
  19. Wire have consistently proclaimed a dedication to looking forward, yet many of the dance-rock collisions here seem rooted in the late 1980s/early 90s.
  20. 40
    Neither sparkly nor weird enough. [Sep 2008, p.110]

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