Oceania - Smashing Pumpkins
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  1. Jun 20, 2012
    This album deserves a solid 9. I'm a bit suspicious to talk about Smashing Pumpkins (probably because it's my favorite band of all time) but I will tell why this 9.

    I was very excited to hear this new SP's album, and I must say that I'm impressed on what I've heard so far. If you're looking for another Siamese Dream or Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, probably you will get upset.
    But this album's great, the most ambitious and amazing album since Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

    Some songs, like 'Quasar' 'Panopticon' 'Pale Horse' and 'The Chimera' may look familiar to the Smashing Pumpkin's fans. But they're pretty different, Corgan said that the new lineup band made him a better song writer, and I partially agree with that. Those songs look way happier than it used to (He worked about 16 hours per day in SD and Mellon Collie to forget about his depression, some songs like Zero and Hummer express the way he felt during those years) I miss the lack of sad songs here, but they feel GREAT, although 'One heart, One Diamond' seems a bit akward.

    I believe that Smashing Pumpkins cannot overcome the awesomeness of Gish/Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie, as I said I'm a bit suspicious to talk about (Along with Nevermind - Superunkown and Ten, Siamese Dream's to me one of the greatest albums of the 90's), but Oceania has the power to erase some mistakes as Zeitgeist and both Machina.

    TL;DR - Best 'new era' SP's album, a must to the Pumpkins fans.

    Sorry for this poor english. By the way, this's my first review :D
  2. Jul 1, 2012
    This is an amazing record that needs to be listened with your hearth and without preconceptions... You will be rewarded if you listen to what is truly in there .... and not what the critics or a deluded mind says... ; )
  3. pdf
    Jun 19, 2012
    Thematically and sonically alive album from the 'new' Pumpkins. I was on the fence about purchasing it, but I'm glad I did because it contains some of Corgan's best work in a long time. He's still a douchebag, but thank God he put something out as pretty and fairly dynamic as "Oceania" so at least we know he still has some creativity left.
  4. Jun 21, 2012
    Oceania is an amazing record. I'm excited to see where the Pumpkins go from here. They are a tight group and they sound better than ever. Looking forward to the ride.

    My top songs ranked in order are: The Celestials, Violet Rays, My Love is WInter, The Chimera, Oceania, and Panopticon.

    Celestials and Violet Rays are in a class of their own and may prove to become two of the greatest
    SP songs of all time. I really believe that.

    I love the intricate guitar work in My Love is Winter and The Chimera.

    Part I of the title track invokes some of the strongest emotions on the record. I'm hoping when they play it live on the upcoming tour they mix it up a bit (would love if they expanded Part I with an epic outro built around that chillingly spooky riff, and maybe featured Part II separately in solo acoustic form).

    The transition from the verse to the chorus in Panopticon is unexpected and breathtaking.

    Buy Oceania and support the band on tour! Loved hearing you guys play in NYC on release day. See you next time you're in Florida Billy, Jeff, Nicole, and Mike!
  5. Jun 20, 2012
    Most of the critics and people who dislike this amazing album, its basically because Billy Corgan is the only remaining member of the original band....but F** that...This album is amazing, easily the best since the 1995 masterpiece Mellon Collie, Oceania yells out loud what Smashing Pumpkins its all about, Billy Corgan and the new members at their best
  6. Jun 20, 2012
    This truly is a return to form for The Smashing Pumpkins. Billy Corgan has shown with this album that he still has the magic touch, something many feared he had lost. Oceania stands proudly alongside some of the Pumpkins classic albums without ever tracing over what used to be successful. It sounds modern and relevant but it retains the classic Smashing Pumpkins emotional feel. Its not an aggressive album, more a lush landscape of soaring guitars, synth, bass and drums. The production is fantastic and gives the album tremendous depth while Billy's vocals blend seamlessly with the music. I'm really happy with the result and it bodes well for the future of the band. Stand out tracks include The Celestials, Violet Rays, Pale Horse and my favorite Pinwheels which embraces everything I love about the Smashing Pumpkins sound. Enjoy! Expand
  7. Jun 20, 2012
    Another addition to what is the great Billy Corgan and Smashing Pumpkins. Buy it even if your skeptical. Its well worth the purchase. Album starts off really Strong with Quasar and just keeps your interest from there the whole way threw.
  8. Jun 21, 2012
    This is one of the best smashing pumpkins record since the 90's. many songs are just fantastic. even though they don't sound like early smashing pumpkins they sound different in a good way. there are many good songs some are hard and have great guitar riffs like "Quasar" and then there are a few odd ones. the song "one diamond, one heart" sounds a bit pop-ish it has a really familiar beat but regardless its a fantastic song and one of my favorites. one of the years best rock albums! hurray for the smashing pumpkins finally releasing some good music. Expand
  9. Jul 6, 2012
    SP are probably my favourite group of all time and I feel very few bands can rival their back catologue. I like almost everything Billy Corgan has put out. With Zeitgeist it seems to generally have been dismissed by fans but I think it's a good record. It's got some duds on it but it's got some great tracks aswell. The follow up tracks to Zeitgeist, FOL, GLOW, Rose March were all quality and the future was bright...then Jimmy Chamberlain jumped ship which wasn't a good sign. I followed the progress of the Teargarden project and have to say for the first time my reaction was lukewarm. There were some nice moments and some of the idea's were great but just weren't coming off for Billy. When I first heard about Oceania's planned release way back in April 2011, I couldn't wait for it but at the same time I asked myself was it going to be more of the hit and miss standard we've been getting with Teargarden and was the Smashing Pumpkins brand gradually going to become more and more diluted? I kept checking back for an Oceania release date and it kept getting pushed back and eventually I got fed up and gave up on it. When it did eventually get released over 9 months later than scheduled, my excitement had burned off a bit so I've been listening to it with an open mind and with no real expectations. I have to say I'm delighted with what the band have produced this time round. There is no 1979 or Today but every song on the record is good and the album has a consistency the whole way across. It's very solid. Musically it's close to flawless - really top stuff, the vocals are good, the guitar work is phenomenal and the drumming is very good (Jimmy Chamberlain as one of the greatest rock drummers of all time is irreplacable but Mike Byre does a good job here). The production is good, much better than Zeitgeist's. The things I would pick out are lyrically I don't think it's as good as some of Billy Corgan's previous work, on too many of the songs it seems like he's just singing random rhyming couplets, whereas before I always could relate to his lyrics as they were from the heart (or so it seemed). It's such a consistent record that it's hard to pick out standout tracks but if I had to I would say Panopticon, Pale Horse, The Chimera, Wildflower and the mammoth title track Oceania. If your a Pumpkins fan and you don't like this record your in trouble and you might has well give up on them. That 90's band are dead and gone but Billy is still producing the goods in his own way. Sit back and enjoy a genius at work. Expand
  10. Jun 19, 2012
    This is my favorite band. I wish the title track had been produced differently, based on how they've been playing it live (no fade in or out), and I'm slightly more partial to live versions of Pinwheels. Otherwise, this is a really solid contribution that I think points to new ways for SP to continue the legacy. Ride on!
  11. Jun 21, 2012
    Oceania is a true return-to-form for the Smashing Pumpkins. This album contains the emotional, powerfully written songs that singer-songwriter Billy Corgan was famous for in the
  12. Jun 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Smashing Pumpkins están de regreso, con Billy Corgan a la cabeza, sin James Iha sin D Expand
  13. Jul 4, 2012
    This is an amazing record that needs to be listened with your heart and without preconceptions... You will be rewarded if you listen to what is truly in there .... and not what the critics or a deluded mind says... ; )
  14. Jul 4, 2012
    During my many years listening to just about every type of music. I have to say, I have not been this crazy about "The Smashing Pumpkins" since I got a a demo disc of "Gish" in 1990. At that time I was 16, and loved it. This album really ties in awesome lyrics, great melodies, awesome changes and hooks in each of their songs. I am really glad they are still doing what that have done masterfully over all these years. They are true artists, not like so much music today. Expand
  15. Jul 13, 2012
    In 1994 I was a sophomore in high school and my favorite band on the face of the earth was The Smashing Pumpkins. I had spun Siamese Dream endlessly in my bedroom the summer prior, and it continues to be one of my favorite albums of all time. I had just started understanding what it meant and felt like to see a band live, something that has captured my imagination and soul to this day, and I was going to get the chance to see my band up on stage. That year I lied to my parents and ended up sneaking off to Lollapalooza at Blossom Music Center in my home town of Cuyahoga Falls, OH, and I found myself face to face with The Smashing Pumpkins. They were playing on the very stage that I would walk across 3 years later as I graduated from high school, and I was starstruck.

    There was something about The Smashing Pumpkins during that time period that captured everything about youth and rock n
  16. Jul 25, 2012
    Ive loved the Smashing Pumpkins since Gish and have watch the band lack something over the line up changes as the years have gone by...... Billy has struck gold with this album..... when I lessened to the album for the first time I had to keep picking my iPod to see what song was playing so I could hear the track again. My love is winter and violet rays are strong stand out tracks but on the whole the album is fantastic. The Pumpkings best album since MC and the IS :) Expand
  17. Jul 28, 2012
    Really enjoyed this album. Billy has still got it, that's for sure.
    Not typical Pumpkins, but I guess this band really isn't the Pumpkins anyway. Still a great listen with a few tracks which I just get carried away listening to.
  18. Aug 13, 2012
    Oceania has both that classic sound we love and something completely new at the same time. A very mature album and maybe the their best work yet. Amazing on the first listen, but commands multiple listens and grows more each time.
  19. Sep 27, 2012
    I'm not interested in giving an in-depth review... However I am enjoying this delicate and thoughtful take on a unique and romantic style that delivers as it wanders through the land of the lost. I presume the fall from grace experienced by Billy Corgan is just another example of faith's real cost.
  20. Feb 6, 2014
    This is the best Smashing Pumpkins record since the 90's. It gets played as much or more than MCIS, SD, and Adore. In that respect it is a resounding success. Pumpkins are back ****

    I have listened to this album, in its entirety, at least 100 times. I have been an avid listener of The Smashing Pumpkins since 1991. My opinion should matter more than most reviews because I am reviewing
    this after owning Oceania for over a year, allowing a 'forest for the trees' type perspective.
    The Celestials.........................7
    Violet Rays.............................10
    My Love Is Winter..................10
    One Diamond, One Heart.......4
    Pale Horse..............................10
    The Chimera............................6

Generally favorable reviews - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 32
  2. Negative: 0 out of 32
  1. Oceania lacks the emotional force that it needed to transcend what it is: a former rock star trying to sound vital again.
  2. Aug 2, 2012
    The loss of drummer Jimmy Chamberlain smarts, but "Quasar" and the :The Celestials" recall the Pumpkins' '90s heyday with out coming over as retread. [Sep 2012, p.86]
  3. Jul 19, 2012
    Forget that it's probably the middle part of some overblown epic song set and enjoy it for what it is: 13 songs that try to break new ground, and generally succeed, while managing to sound like the Pumpkins we know rather than plastic studio production.