Of Sirens Born

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  • Summary: The five-track debut on Kranky was originally self-released by Raglini.
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  1. Raglani provides far more texture than either of those forefathers, but never a gratuitous amount.
  2. Awash in grumbling drones and dissonant harmonies, swollen with a tension that rarely finds release, Of Sirens Born is at once terrifying and sublime.
  3. It's a dense, patient work that could only have been made by someone who's done this before.
  4. This one plays out slowly. There's no real rhythms to speak of, and it's easily one of the more harsh releases (at times) that I've heard from the Kranky label in some time.
  5. Joseph Raglani's brief but quite enjoyable five-song effort isn't some sudden new stroke of artistic genius--instead it aims to hit certain strong points and does so well enough that his future work will be worth investigating.
  6. It’s a trippy album, but it doesn’t trip into too many psych clichés, or perhaps it has fooled me simply by tumbling into all of them.