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  • Summary: The Norwegian group led by Lars Horntveth continues its jazz fusion of music styles on its latest album.
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  1. Walking a fine line between being leftfield and hook-laden, Jaga Jazzist have delivered another selection of epic, psychedelic sojourns through electronics, brass and beats that consistently engage and excite.
  2. Ultimately, this is what more bands should be striving to achieve: to thrill us, inspire us and confuse us - often all at the same time; to utiliize technology for the betterment of the whole rather than for technologies sake; and to allow multiple talents to merge and shine without a sense of the intrusion of personal ego.
  3. While "Toccata" is lengthy, it never loses its thrust or ability to captivate--and excepting a mismatched moment or two on “220 V / Spektral,” the same can be said for all of One-Armed Bandit.
  4. It is no accident; Jaga Jazzist is trying to blow your mind. It is supposed to feel like a masterpiece.
  5. Mojo
    There is a pinch of prog too, manifested in kaleidoscopic intricacy rather than anything unnecessarily tricksy - their sound remains muscular and funky. [Feb 2010]
  6. Bandit is a smart album made for smart people, and something that garnered them critical acclaim in the past is lost. So yes, One-Armed Bandit is a good record. But Jaga Jazzist can do better.
  7. Uncut
    In danger of becoming a Loose Tubes for the ATp generation, this once fleetfooted group have blundered into a vat of fudge. [Feb 2010, p.89]

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