One Bedroom - The Sea and Cake
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  • Summary: The Chicago-based post-rockers return with their sixth album, their once frenetic pace of releasing albums slowed over recent years due to numerous side projects (solo albums for vocalist Sam Prekop and guitarist Archer Prewitt, and work in Tortoise, among other things, for drummer John McEntire). Included here is the band's cover of David Bowie's "Sound and Vision." Expand
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  1. A masterly exercise in restraint, subtle sophistication, and melodic playfulness.
  2. Teems with all the life that the band omitted from Oui.
  3. While the disc's increased emphasis on electronic textures, balanced songwriting and non-linear production is a welcome breath of fresh air, it lends itself to a feeling of sameness that becomes increasingly apparent as the record progresses.
  4. While the accompaniment is always thoughtful and inventive, Prekop's vocal idiosyncrasies tend to be a double-edged sword, delightful on the good songs but only accentuating the dreariness of failed experiments like "Le Baron" or "Try Nothing."
  5. 80
    It's just all so blissed-out and soothing you won't know what to do with yourself. [Dec 2002, p.92]
  6. 70
    A fizzling delight, jettisoning previous jazzy inclinations in favor of a gorgeous electronic pitter-patter that sets off Prekop's velvety, mourning vocals. [#14, p.143]
  7. 60
    Predictable. [#57, p.105]

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  1. DavidKM
    Apr 19, 2005
    A delight -- something fresh and original within all the same ole same ole sh*t that's being slagged out on the record buying public nowadays. Airy, propelling, Bowie-esque in spots (from his Low period). Awesome. Expand
  2. JonathanH
    Jun 13, 2004
    I wanted to like this cd but i couldn't, i just was bored with it.