One Part Lullaby - Folk Implosion
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  • Summary: This is the third full-length and first major-label release for the low-fi duo of Lou Barlow (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr.) and John Davis, who earlier achieved brief commercial success with the single "Natural One" off the soundtrack to the movie "Kids."
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  1. Barlow and partner John Davis conjure a faux-naive summer-of-love vibe that's arch and seductive. If ''nature is the enemy,'' here's to keeping it unreal.
  2. This is so pretty it's almost a poem about quiet lyricism--and so passive you want to put crystal meth in its apple juice.
  3. 'One Part Lullaby' lapses very slightly into generic Barlow-pop two-thirds through, then soon recovers its shimmering grandeur. Sebadoh hardliners will dismiss this record as pop fluff, but few will be listening, too busy hailing The Best Lou Barlow Album In The World... Ever
  4. Having scored a minor hit with a track that appeared on the Kids soundtrack, the group now has a big-label deal and a hip new style--still recognizably moody and tentative, but with enough down-tempo beats and electronic knob-tweaking to drift into trip-hop territory.
  5. That's the tenor of One Part Lullaby, a CD that takes sardonic low-fi minimalism and makes it into transcendentally tinny pop. Lullaby lilts and entices without losing its smirk.
  6. 70
    Everything about Folk Implosion’s One Part Lullaby admits to coming-of-age. The Lou Barlow /John Davis indie side project has gone major label; its so "lo-fi" sound has turned lush, and the adenoidal adolescent complaints have, if not completely matured, at least become more accepting of life’s cycle.
  7. "Implosion" is a bit of an overstatement. These guys go soft and introspective in the face of crisis and it never reaches the point of any actual combustion.

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  1. bjb9
    Feb 29, 2004
    a bunch of good songs!