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  1. Everything about Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II demands worship and solidifies Raekwon as one of history's best with a continuation that exceeds his original debut in every way imaginable.
  2. Raekwon pays further homage to his late friend’s memory by releasing a tour de force that honors both the legacies of Wu-Tang Clan and Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.
  3. I love it the same way I love looking at signatures in my yearbooks: as distant reminders of past friends and better times. Sure, this album is awesome, but the fact remains that this is a continuation of an old idea in lieu of a new one.
  4. It’s the often perfect synthesis between lyrical content and production on OB4CLII that makes the album simply sublime.
  5. 90
    His timing, precision, and craftsmanship in regards to everything having to do with this project has been impeccable. It's not a classic. But it's damn close.
  6. All hotly (strangely this descriptor seems almost an understatement) anticipated albums should deliver so profoundly.
  7. Fundamentally, though, the album is a wistful and occasionally melancholic one that is as consistently captivating in its lyrical content as it is wonderfully dark and eerily melodic in its composition and production.
  8. Only Built for Cuban Linx...Pt. 2 is top-to-bottom brilliant, and it's energy and emotion is too infectious not to inspire a dozen great hip-hop records to come.
  9. Like Ghostface's modern classic, this album defies hip-hop's current atmosphere of youthful cockiness and aging complacency: instead, it's driven by the sometimes celebratory, sometimes traumatized sense of stubborn survival and perseverance, a veteran mindset that can no longer picture success without having to defend it.
  10. The album drags at points; with 22 tracks and a 70-minute runtime, some of this material would have been better off on a mixtape. But that’s a minor flaw in an otherwise superbly-executed gangster epic.
  11. Raekwon has not made a valid sequel to that classic--but he has quite validly added a couple hundred new bars to that performance.
  12. One can't fairly make the claim that "Pt. II" picks up right where the original left off, but this is the best Raekwon we've heard lyrically and musically in a long time, and barring a late entry this should be the best Wu-Tang related album of 2009.
  13. 80
    Indelible, compulsive, flecked with genuine brillance throughout, it's as good as any of the acknowledged clasics from the Clan's '93-96 peak. [Nov 2009, p.95]
  14. This sequel may have little to do with the original, but if the title helps to point out this is the Shaolin poet's best work since 1995's Pt. 1, then so be it.
  15. This one will make heads from Shaolin to San Diego happy.
  16. Over the years, his raps grew less engrossing and his albums bombed atomically. But he’s back on point with OB4CL2, sounding as fierce and focused as ever.
  17. It doesn’t reflect a lack of evolution, or even a regression, but rather the completion of a circle--and probably a landing pad, even as the world continues to whiz by.
  18. 70
    While the songs may lack the original’s wild-eyed narrative, they still contain some of his most rewind-worthy bars in years.
  19. Working almost like a glorified mixtape, many of the tracks bleed together or start mid-scene with field recordings of corner action. It adds to the feeling that you’ve dropped in on something important.
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  1. Aug 18, 2010
    Great, great hip hop. One of the albums that we were waiting for too much, but it certainly paid-off. Raekwon (and the rest of Wu) at it's best. Must have for any old school rap fan.

    P.S. I hate when people give score of 0. I believe that no music can be that bad and if people just put artist' hard work in to equation for review score it can't be less than 3,4 or maybe a 5.
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  2. Oct 28, 2011
    Great album. Raekwon simply keeps it true. Not better than first part, but it definitely greater than most of the hip-hop albums nowadays. RZA, J. Dilla keeps it on the same level. Plus nice beat from Dr.Dre. Which shows how much respect Raekwon has. Full Review »
  3. NJR
    Nov 3, 2010
    Simply brilliant, Raekwon has shot himself back in to relevance with this one, the production on the album is second to none and all of the guest spots are perfect, everyone really stepped up their game for this one. EASILY the best Hip-Hop album of 2009. Full Review »