Other Truths - Do Make Say Think
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  • Summary: The post-rock group releases its latest album, which has only four tracks (each are eight or more minutes long).
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  1. It’s not often you find music that lives and breathes with such conviction that you find itself swept away in the charm of it all. That Do Make Say Think have achieved this lofty standard yet again shouldn’t come as a shock, yet it’s testament to their enduring talent that, at every turn, Other Truths continues to surprise and enthrall in equal measure.
  2. This is what we’ve been waiting for; we always knew they could do it.
  3. Far from a unified artistic statement, Other Truths refuses to pin itself down, and marks itself simply and modestly as a showcase of some of the best talent in genre. A minor miracle, if you will.
  4. Unlike the quintet’s last effort, You, You’re a History in Rust, the most rewarding moments of Other Truths are often the most tempered.
  5. They sound more like a live band than they have since their debut, and this relaxed natural quality suits them perfectly.
  6. The ride is fun enough, better than average for the masses, but for this band it’s an off-day: once it’s over, you don’t even think to wonder why it was fun.
  7. While Other Truths seems like Do Make Say Think’s attempt to re-articulate these active, forward-looking principles, they instead end up stagnating, reaching an unfortunate dead-end.

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