Other Worlds


Generally favorable reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
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  1. Dec 14, 2012
    Just like East of Eden, Other Worlds works both as a sonic experiment and as an expression of Bergsman's adventurous soul.
  2. It manages to feel both too specific and not quite specific enough; while it sounds like her own personal sound world and collection of memories, the album lacks that relatable hook to draw the listener in.
  3. Dec 14, 2012
    Other Worlds doesn't get overtly weird, but it's surely expansive-sounding.
  4. 70
    It's an altogether beautiful experience, if not a game-changing one, and clearly one to adopt a comfortably horizontal position to as you reach for the Hawaiian Tropic.
  5. Dec 14, 2012
    Bergsman's new set pieces offer no more lasting sustenance than the harder to resist but hardly nutritious candies from The Concretes' confectionery.
  6. Dec 14, 2012
    Other Worlds proves Bergsman has a good thing going with these inspirational voyages, leaving the listener besotted and desperate to know just where she'll head next.
  7. Dec 14, 2012
    Much like Bergsman's previous efforts, Other Worlds' vocals have a heavy-lidded quality that may turn off listeners who prefer a more forceful rhythm section.
  8. Magnet
    Dec 14, 2012
    Thanks in part to producer Henning Furst, she succeeds in generating a summer feel-good vibe so potent, it'll feel all the better come winter. [No.92, p.59]
  9. Mojo
    Dec 14, 2012
    A lush, shimmering and fully immersive experience. [Nov 2012, p.90]
  10. Dec 14, 2012
    Staying on just this side of a Corona beer commercial, it sounds like a continuation of Bergsman's realizations carried over from East of Eden, in that a change in latitude brings about a change in attitude.
  11. Dec 14, 2012
    Other Worlds is such a radiantly warm, luxuriously luminous heatwave of a record it can give you a suntan just listening to it.
  12. Q Magazine
    Dec 14, 2012
    At its best, Other Worlds is sublime. [Nov 2012, p.106]
  13. Uncut
    Dec 14, 2012
    With Bergsman's dourly dreamy voice and wistful songcraft, it's recognisably indiepop, but sent delightfully pie-eyed on Blur Hawaiians. [Dec 2012, p.77]
  14. Dec 14, 2012
    She flits in and out of the languid beats, looped synths, and quiet guitars.

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