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  1. Positive: 14 out of 20
  2. Negative: 1 out of 20
  1. All told, it's incredible this is a debut album. Accomplished, yet subtle, it works perfectly as a whole in a way all the production skills in the world couldn't replicate.
  2. Parachutes is a fully realized and expertly crafted masterpiece, each song holding its own quite well, but when grouped with the rest, they make up an impenetrable fortress of sadly beautiful, melodic, glorious Britpop.
  3. Entertainment Weekly
    This is dreamy, regretful pop with melodies that dog you like a missed opportunity. [11/17/2000, p.127]
  4. Combining bits of distorted guitar riffs and swishing percussion, Parachutes is a delightful introduction and also quickly indicates the reason why this album earned Coldplay a Mercury Music Prize nomination in fall 2000.
  5. Their debut album's secret arsenal comprises frontman Chris Martin's voice - prematurely aged for someone in their early twenties - and some supple, persuasive melodies. That and a great big side order of melancholy.
  6. 80
    Refreshing and ultimately brilliant premiere.
  7. There?s a magical sound potion that can cure lovesickness, and it?s called Parachutes, the first full-length CD by Coldplay.... Every song sounds like a hit.
  8. Alternative Press
    Shimmering guitars haunt tormented tunes, dark gravel growls vie with Thom Yorke-y high notes. Unquestionably, Coldplay could not have existed without an awe-stricken respect for Radiohead's The Bends, but they are also capable of escaping its shadow... [12/2000, p.94]
  9. Showcasing the group's boundless warmth and flair for moodily dramatic pop craftsmanship--and, after no fewer than five EPs, proving its ability to sustain a mood over the course of a full-length album--the disc is likable from wire to wire, deviating from that consistency only to hit transcendent peaks with "Spies" and the perfect single "Yellow."
  10. 80
    Parachutes is full of devotional songs that whisper their honorable intentions in our ears like a repentant sinner's promises, while moody sonics mostly call to mind Radiohead, though at times you can hear the grandiose bellow of U2 and the vocal poignancy of Jeff Buckley.
  11. Once you fall for "Yellow," the rest of the album will kick in, and fast.
  12. If you usually enjoy pop music made by young white males with guitars, you'll almost certainly like Parachutes.
  13. Revolver
    Nearly perfectly formed, a confident showing of pristine, heartfelt songs that stand up alone and gain greater strength in the context of the full album, which ebbs and flows in a great purge of emotions. [#3, p.120]
  14. Coldplay make straight-ahead, melodic Brit pop that strives for significance with a capital s, even as it has a hard time shaking its influences -- you can also hear the ethereal guitar chime of U2, a bit of Dave Matthews' breathy folk implosion, even a misting of Roger Waters-era Pink Floyd.
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    Apr 3, 2008
    One of the most romantic albums I have heard. i loved Spies, Easy to Please, Trouble and Beautiful World.
  2. andiev
    Jul 2, 2007
    coldplay is a legend now
  3. Apr 13, 2017
    beautiful album. Simple words express strong emotions. One of my fav album in 2000 decades. And one of classic that Coldplay today could notbeautiful album. Simple words express strong emotions. One of my fav album in 2000 decades. And one of classic that Coldplay today could not produced again. Full Review »