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  • Summary: Paramour returns without Josh and Zac Farro to release its fourth full-length release produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 20
  2. Negative: 2 out of 20
  1. 100
    A sprawling, 17-song, 64-minute monster that is without a doubt the finest music these three artists--vocalist Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York and bassist Jeremy Davis--have ever made.
  2. Apr 8, 2013
    Paramore feels far more human and honest than anything the band have committed to tape to date, and even at its most intense, the record feels intimate (or at least like a gig happening in the back corner of your mind).
  3. Apr 9, 2013
    If Paramore has a flaw, it’s that there’s so much going on and so many stylistic flourishes, the record never quite coalesces.
  4. As a full record, Paramore certainly isn't for everyone--but there's certainly something for everyone. If you're not having fun at some point of the album, you're probably not trying.
  5. But Paramore have always been more pop than their fans may like to admit, and this mainstream rebirth feels like a transitional step to something gigantic.
  6. Apr 5, 2013
    This may not be what we were expecting, and it may not be the Paramore that we’ve come to know and love. But, at the same time, here are a band still discovering who they are, and this album may stand as an important step on that path.
  7. Apr 4, 2013
    Hayley Williams gives the first of several poor singing performances on the record [on lead single, "Low"]; the verses are toneless and she tries to cram too many words into them without really saying anything.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 54 out of 69
  2. Negative: 9 out of 69
  1. Apr 10, 2013
    I was a bit scared for this album, but it surprised me! Every track has its different sound. There is something here for everyone. Some of their strongest and most mature music yet. Hayley is growing up! Expand
  2. Jul 11, 2013
    Even being so pop, they know how to make music. An excellent album with excellent songs since the gospel choired 'Ain't it Fun' until the pop ballad '(One of Those) Crazy Girls', passing by the rock of 'Now' and 'Anklebiters'. Expand
  3. Apr 10, 2013
    Some of the criticism fans have been laying against this album is just ridiculous. If anything, Paramore has blossomed musically with this album, which is easily their best. The sound is so diverse, there's more than just guitars and electronica: there's ukeleles, string sections, harmonicas and even a gospel choir. If that's not ambition I don't know what is. Maybe it's their lyrics, there's many songs that reflect on their troubles with Farros but they're also declaring that they're moving on and willing to try new things. Highlights include Part II, Still into You, Ain't It Fun and Future. After all the drama Paramore's faced over the last three years, they've come out the other side as a multi-dimensional band who's willing to push their own limits, marking their greatest artistic statement. Expand
  4. Apr 23, 2013
    Great album! Paramore albums always seemed rather one-note to me so the diversity here is refreshing. Also, as if it hasn't been said enough around the web, Rubin is a great improvement on drums. The musicianship here is rock solid. Who would have thought that losing their founding members would be what they needed to finally blossom? Expand
  5. Apr 11, 2013
    Paramore has found a new sincere fan now. I gave this album a serious listen (I've heard all of their previous songs) and this record is just pure awesomeness. They have evolved, they have adapted a new style and a rather new sound which doesn't disappoint you at all because it has all the elements of their previous style. The best thing about this album is that some of the songs are really catchy and the band has focused on both lyrics and music which is rare these days. Hayley's ever mesmerizing and powerful vocals are too brilliant in this one and she sounds sweet at the same time. I was worrying whether they would be able to make good music after the departure of Josh and Zac Farro but they have proved that Paramore, as a band, would remain as much cool as it always was. Expand
  6. Apr 11, 2013
    Paramore have never been known to stray too far from the pop punk trend. Their previous efforts were clean cut, yet well produced, albums that deserve the positivity they have gotten. What we get with this new album is something very out of the ordinary for paramore...Experimentation. I think it's very fitting to call this an experimental album. With such variety and risks, it really can't be called anything else. In terms of the songs i was pleased with a majority of what was offered, but also felt it was too long for it's own good. I felt the interludes were redundant and didn't need to be there. Out of the other 14 tracks, ten of them i liked. The ones i just didn't like enough were "proof" "(one of those) crazy girls" and "hate to see your heart break". The rest of the songs ranged from pretty good, to fantastic. The best songs for me were "Future", "Ain't it fun" and "part II". Many fans of paramore will be drastically upset by these changes, and will probably fail to truly appreciate what this album is offering, which is a crying shame.

    Due to it's length and few redundant songs, the album just isn't perfect. But when it's good, it shines, and is definitely worth an avid listen, whether you're a fan of their previous work or not, because chances are, there is at least one song on this album that you will love.

    Hopefully through the experimentation of this album, Paramore will find a more solid basis on their next album and be able to refine their sound into something truly magical. Overall, i give this album a well deserved 7 out of 10
  7. Apr 11, 2013
    VinceOnAPlane summed this album up PERFECTLY. Read his review. I joined this site for the sole purpose of publicly agreeing with him.

    idea what critics are listening to when they review this album, because it stinks beyond belief. I am beyond disappointed with this cd.

    They should have changed the name of the band because this isn't paramore. If James and Lars left Metallica and Kirk and Rob started to add dubstep and keep the name Metallica..... this is what paramore's album is equivalent to.


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