Paranoid Cocoon


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    Paranoid Cocoon is a Sunday morning treat. [Holiday 2008, p.105]
  2. Paranoid Cocoon establishes its sound early, so anybody initially put off by all of the cloudy skies and soft, neo-psychedelic mountain melancholy will inevitably come away disappointed, but fans of James Yorkston, Richard Hawley, M. Ward, and mild hangovers will eat this up, and rightly so.
  3. Overall, Paranoid Cocoon's bedroom chamber pop spins with variety and subtle dissonances aplenty.
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    It's a relaxed and confident debut packed with enough reverb, organs, and dreamy sensuality to keep you warm on any windy winter evening. [Year End 2008, p.76]
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  1. Jun 15, 2014
    This movie is about leisure of the elderly and contact with aliens. I’ll focus on their leisure in this movie paper. The Main characters,This movie is about leisure of the elderly and contact with aliens. I’ll focus on their leisure in this movie paper. The Main characters, three old men love to go neighbor’s pool and swim secretly. Swimming is their most favorite leisure. According to it, swimming seems to be their “core” of leisure activities. “Core” represents continuity in leisure and core leisure is easily accessible and low cost. I think they enjoyed swimming when they were young so they keep swimming and feel joy from this leisure even if they are very old now.
    Strangely, they become healthy and younger after they swim in their neighbor’s pool. In the movie, it’s because of ‘cocoon’ but in the real life actually swimming does a lot for people’s whole body. So like swimming, one of the roles of leisure in physical development in adulthood is keeping oneself in good health. Especially, older people try to exercise by leisure.
    In the movie, Bunny’s wife, Rosa died suddenly. Bunny was overwhelmed with sorrow and refused his friends suggestion to go another planet. Her death means his most significant person and also his companion in leisure is gone.
    In this movie's contents, older adults who are part of well-defined friendship groups tend to have higher morale. We can see all this in the movie ‘Cocoon’. Three old men seems to be happy when they have leisure life together.
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