Pick Of The Litter 1980-2010


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    One for the ages, this 19-song compilation reminds us how cool the future sounded back then, when Was Not Was still was. [Winter 2010, p.102]
  2. While hardcore fans may argue--a bit--over the sum total, even they will ultimately agree that this is the only truly representative portrait of Was (Not Was) in all their incarnations; and besides, it’s a stone killer of a party record.
  3. Pick of the Litter really is just a sampling from a catalogue that begs closer examination.
  4. Early-Eighties jams like the P-Funky "Out Come the Freaks" and the Ronald Reagan-sampling "Tell Me That I'm Dreaming" were avant-disco classics. Later, semihits threatened to make the group pop stars, but its taste for unmarketable weirdness (say, Leonard Cohen croaking about "Elvis' Rolls Royce") won out.
  5. Pick of the Litter provides a portrait of polarities. Very few artists or groups can successfully—and authentically—cover such a broad landscape but this long overdue compilation proves that Was (Not Was) specializes in exceptions to the rules.

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