Pilot Talk - Curren$y

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  1. 90
    Despite all of it's successes, the fact is that the album doesn't reach perfection, which I imagine is what most Jets fans might have been expecting from it. I will argue that it's a superior piece of work and certainly one of the better hip hop releases so far this year.
  2. It's without a doubt the best hip-hop release of 2010, and might as well get ready to earn praise in the smart circles as one of the best overall releases of the year as well.
  3. About half the songs drift by without choruses, and the other half only barely have anything you could call a chorus. The whole thing is over in about 45 minutes. It all adds up to a woozy waft of a record--a perfect listen for mid-summer, when breathing in the humid air is almost enough to get you high.
  4. For backpackers and underground fans, it's a must, but anyone who wants their hip-hop both a bit stranger and a lot deeper will fall hard for this one.
  5. The result is a mellow, atmospheric album that still manages to embody the delicious, self-absorbed, fuck-all bombast currently making mainstream rap so exciting.
  6. Maybe the highest praise one can bestow on Pilot Talk is that it is a real album, not really fit for phone speakers or headphones but best enjoyed on a home or car system, where Ski's warm beats and Spitta's hazy vocals can fill the space.
  7. Yet despite all this potential, Ross's work too often comes off as a conspicuous mishandling of both assets and signifiers: too much drug posturing, too much repetition, too little real effort.
  8. He frequently seems bored with his own raps, rarely breaking his monotone and indifferently fluctuating between bragging about the quality of his weed and bragging about nothing. The record's saving grace comes with reemergence of producer Ski Beatz. [Sep 2010, p.68]
  9. He raps in tight clusters of syllables that sound smooth but say little. Mainly he's interested in getting high and, occasionally, getting high with other people. Still, many of his friends, under the influence or not, perform better.
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  1. Aug 16, 2010
    Musically gorgeous, incorporating guitar, horn and piano, lyrically-dense, monotone flow. Curiously, a mellow delight to scratch the brain. Excellent cohesion. Replay value: 4/5. Full Review »
  2. Nov 14, 2010
    Delicious. Relaxed music, hard raps and amazing beats. The array of instruments is awesome and a delight to hear when so many artists are doing the same thing. Most of the songs also contain this great nostalgic feeling of the 90's. Full Review »
  3. Aug 12, 2014
    The production is gorgeous, and the execution is precise. Curren$y, however, doesn't say that much in Pilot Talk. The entire project is consistently above-average, which is not necessarily a criticism. ~ 7.7/10

    Best track: "Address": This track is representative of the entire album: the production and rapping is great, but you'd have to be, well, high to consider the message deep.
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