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  • Summary: The Japanese band named after a Melvins song releases their latest album.

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I remember how you walked away And how you did me wrong... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. 100
    Pink showcases every sound Boris can make.
  2. At the close, the guitars surge forward in waves of noise, a precursor of what's to come. And come it does, with the hammering, staccato fuzz of the album's title track and the speed riffs of "Woman on the Screen."
  3. Pink is easily the most cohesive, adventurous, and straight-ahead rocking recording of their 12-year career.
  4. there's something in this that sounds just so much more intelligent than fannying around making devil horns.
  5. Once you get past the placid bit at the beginning, it's straight into the relentlessly pummelling assault we've come to love and expect from the mighty Japanese trio, and Pink's wallop-per-second rate puts it in a class with Heavy Rocks at the top of the Boris heap.
  6. If Pink’s more evolution than revolution, it still stomps all over most of its close genre surroundings, leaving maybe Tiger Bear Wolf and The Woods as far as 2005 goes.
  7. Pink is muddy as a bowl of bad split pea soup, and twice as hammy.

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