Plague Park - Handsome Furs
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  • Summary: Handsome Furs is a side project for Wolf Parade's Dan Boeckner, who is joined by his fiancee Alexei Perry and Wolf Parade drummer Arlen Thompson.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 19
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  1. It's almost as if, released from the role of playing less weird anchor to Spencer Krug's art rock savant, Boeckner's figured out how to maximize and expand what he does best.
  2. Plague Park possesses an unsightly surface layer of cluttered sound and alien screeches that require swift penetrating to enjoy the sticky gooiness that resides within.
  3. The small moments are the most memorable. [Summer 2007, p.80]
  4. At their best, though, Handsome Furs do for the disaffected what the Postal Service did for sentimental Death Cab cuties: they deliver more of something not quite the same.
  5. Where Wolf Parade dips into more than their fair share of upbeat, even disco beat-driven, music, Handsome Furs instead pull back and strip down their songs.
  6. Plague Park’s nine tracks seem to be over before they reach their potential. The record gets better as it progresses, and successive listens reveal more interesting facets to the songwriting.
  7. 40
    Overall the record has the pleasantly hobbyish but inessential air of a gap year vanity project. [Jul 2007, p.103]

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