Plays Music


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  1. Plays Music sounds like stuff you've heard before, but there's a special, vibrant joy between its notes.
  2. Plays Music offers up breezy, instrumental jazz-rock that seems to be little more than the reheated leftovers of Tortoise's TNT, The Sea and Cake's The Fawn, Dave Pajo's Aerial M debut, and occasionally, Gastr del Sol's Camofleur.
  3. Caught somewhere between the breezy, intricate Sea and Cake and the well-mannered orchestration of Rachel's, the band fills a space that is often vied for, yet not usually attained.
  4. The Wire
    Intermittently pretty, massively inconsequential. [#215, p.69]
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  1. JCarper
    Jan 31, 2007
    Charming sound!