Press Play - Diddy

Generally favorable reviews - based on 19 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 19
  2. Negative: 2 out of 19
  1. All told, the number of memorable hooks on display here is surprising.
  2. A cracking album that holds its own for almost the entire duration.
  3. Press Play has something for most everyone: street raps, club jams, glossy R&B.
  4. It's when Diddy adopts the role he's really good at, the executive producer - bringing together and overseeing the real talent - for the closing stages, that "Press Play" moves from being another chaotic and bloated stab at a rap career to being something approaching a great album.
  5. 70
    Press Play works rather well. [Dec 2006, p.106]
  6. Save for the unnecessary interludes, the strength of Press Play is in its ability to employ so many different styles, sounds, influences and mold them into one extremely coherent package.
  7. While it's far from the most important record in hip-hop in 2006, let alone in Diddy's career, it's one that does at least keep your interest the whole way through and is worth listening to more than once.
  8. 60
    An album that begins as a me-against-the-world celebration of self ends as a somber plea for emotional wholeness. [Dec 2006, p.173]
  9. The musical brilliance that surrounds him only serves to highlight Combs's shortcomings as a rapper.
  10. Diddy still doesn't have an original bone in his body or a fresh idea in his head, and he relies on his previously successful formulas... but damn if it doesn't actually work.
  11. A sprawled-out, futuristic tribute to Diddy's own celebrity.
  12. "Play" is light-years more enterprising than Diddy's sample-happy history might suggest.
  13. You could argue the all-star assemblage of "Press Play" - Diddy's first solo set in half a decade - would have been even stronger without the auteur's direct involvement, and certainly without his pedestrian rhymes about love and life.
  14. It’s definitely an enjoyable listen, although that’s due to hot beats and great collaborators as much (or even more) as it’s due to Diddy himself.
  15. Diddy’s rhymes are more adept than they used to be, but his flat voice and retro boasts drag things down.
  16. It certainly weaves a wide range of up-to-the-second pop styles into the mix: throwback '70s funkiness, dance music's two-step and drum 'n' bass, new-wave soul.... Still, he is no Prince.
  17. Press Play is like an episode of My Super Sweet 16: though lavishly decorated and probably an honor to be invited to, there's a megalomaniacal presence that ensures the whole party is about glorification of ego rather than actual fun.
  18. Granted, thanks to the kind of company Mr. Combs’ platinum chain reels in, almost half of these tracks have some modest amount of entertainment value to them, but all the Just Blazes and Rich Harrisons and Big Bois and Pharoahes and Kanyes and Nasirs in the world can’t cover the Proactiv-shiny mug up front, the shifty but proudly brand-name-not-person-name emblazoned on the border, the voice that bumbles through every song.
  19. This is a garish, puzzling album, and it isn’t the sort of CD people pick up when they want to explain what’s great about hip-hop. [12 Oct 2006]
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  2. Negative: 12 out of 26
  1. MB
    Mar 14, 2007
    Well what do you expect from a man whos best friend dies and his best attempt at being heartfelt is ripping off somebody elses song. As far as Im concerned it was more about the money than the sentiment. Straight disrespect to BIG. Anyways... Real Hip Hop has it perfect.. he just talks in all his songs. He always has. Unfortunately hes far from a diligent spoken word poet. He has no cred and is just a rich primadonna. Straight gargage , son! p.s. - I think it should be required for reviewers to at LEAST be able to spell.... a 5th grade reading level would be nice too... thanks Full Review »
  2. realhiphop
    Nov 28, 2006
    this was terrible. one of the absolute worst cds i have ever heard... puff daddy, or i mean, diddy rather, sorry puff, is still rapping like it's the height of the rap label wars of the 90s. nobody cares that he raps for bad boy records, bad boy records is an awful name for a record label and nobody even raps for them anymore. diddy is an even worse name than puff daddy, and puff daddy is one of the worst names one could come up with as an alias for a rapper. the hooks are horrible and his lyrics are bad. His flow is absolute garbage. He's just talking to himself. I wish he would stop making music, he has nothing to say whatsoever and no insight into life or existence whatsoever. Bad boy for life. here is one line that I heard about ten times in like 3 songs: "bad boy b*tch!" awful. Full Review »
  3. clubfunk
    Oct 28, 2006
    this album is not bad,its got alot of genres in it as hip hop,r n b,and pop and also some great collabarations,that wat makes it work for me