Radio Retaliation - Thievery Corporation
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  • Summary: The fifth album for the group features world-music artists Femi Kuti, Seu Jorge, Anushka Shankar, and Jana Andevska.
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  1. Despite the politics, there are still a few more of the ethereal masterpieces Thievery Corporation have made a hallmark in the past.
  2. They were the first on the block with this particular subgenre and are still in front of a massive paxk following in their wake. [Dec 2008, p.72]
  3. While the set could be more dynamic with greater variation in tempo, the producers blend their vast range of influences in innovative ways.
  4. Although Garza and Hilton have still created a cohesive and enjoyable listen, Radio Retaliation could have used some more variety.
  5. Booming basslines, clubby beats, high production values and a guest list that includes Brazil's Seu Jorge, sitar lady Anushka Shankar and Afrobear star Femi Kuti make it a safe backdrop for just about any bar anywhere in the world. [Nov 2008, p.121]
  6. For better or worse, Thievery is ultimately content to stick to the script, busting out another batch of worldly background noise perfect for a post-party VIP lounge in Ibiza.
  7. Cover albums and mixes aside, Radio Retaliation is the pair's fifth studio album, and finds them once again failing to make anything but the most minute adjustments to the polite groove that is their stock, trade and--in 2009--monopoly.

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